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What To Know When You Turn 18

Eric Cuevas, Staff Writer

November 28, 2017

Filed under Opinion, Showcase

Teenagers feel like adults already, so as soon as they turn 18 they want to be treated and act like an adult. According to the “When you turn 18: A Survival Guide for Teenagers”, from the California Bar Foundation the first big thing young adults attempt to do ...

Black Lives Matter

Yuri Cain, Managing Editor

November 19, 2017

Filed under Opinion

Throughout the course of history, people of color have been punished in various way for simply being different. African Americans are a huge part of the population from the beginning of America when slavery first started in t...

Is Getting a License Important?

Haley Tudor, Writer/Copy Editor

November 3, 2017

Filed under Opinion

Many citizens may say that getting a driver’s license is important, and then there are some who say that it is irrelevant for the present time being. Driving is a fast and easy way to get around and go places, such as school a...

Are Millennials going soft?

Damaryz Aguilar, Writer

October 5, 2017

Filed under Opinion

The economic recovery has not been kind to millennials. They make less money than previous generations and they are more likely to be unemployed and have no savings.  The opinion about some millennials is they are spoiled and laz...

The Problem With Modern Day Feminism

Nathan Morris, News Staff Writer

September 29, 2017

Filed under Opinion

Equality for all has been sought after for a millennium. Recently however, the stance on equality has shifted between social groups. Extremists have taken footholds in these activist groups, tainting their name. The idea of eq...

Standardized Testing Figured Out?

Isaac Serrano, Sports Editor

September 27, 2017

Filed under Opinion

For the time Oak Hills High School has been open, it quickly formed the reputation of being a top school in the HUSD in academics and sports just about every year. With dominance on the sports grounds and excellence in the classroom...

Cherish The Educator

Yuri Cain, Managing Editor

September 21, 2017

Filed under Opinion

Teachers are the building blocks for our future adults. As much as people may hate to think that school and teachers are actually needed, they are. Without teachers the world would be full of idiots, harsh to say but it’s true. T...

Can Girls Really Do Anything Boys Can?

Natalia Sabatino, Staff Writer

September 15, 2017

Filed under Opinion

Equality is defined as a state of being equal. We as Americans have the right to equality stated in the Declaration of Independence which is our country's foundation. How equal are we really? Some people think that there is not ...

Hello yellow

Kaitlynn Koppenhaver, Editor/ Writer

September 13, 2017

Filed under Opinion

A recent trend on social media may be as plain as one might think, a color, specifically the color yellow. From sunflowers to clothing and everything bright in between, this color has completely blown up this summer. This brig...

Did We Forget 9/11?

September 11, 2017

The start of something new

Kaitlynn Koppenhaver, Editor/writer

May 10, 2017

Filed under Opinion

Every year we see changes in our own high school and the community we have within the school, this year these changes improved our school and many of the events that took place will be remembered long after summer vacation. Thi...

Stereotypical Coachella

Yuri Cain, Clubs/ Creative Arts Editor

April 21, 2017

Filed under Opinion

Coachella has been around since 1999, and now it is one of the largest festivals known in the United States. Celebrities from different career backgrounds, whether it be models or singers, all come and socialize under the hot sun...

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