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Do you want more information about each section? Read the descriptions below. If you want to contact the editor for these sections, feel free to email us at [email protected] or share your story idea here.

NEWS: The Paw Print News section focuses on Oak Hills High School events and information that every bulldog should know. We do not always get the information for articles and sometimes we have to go out there and find the news you should know.

SPORTS: The Paw Print Sports section is all things relating to sports. On campus, and off campus events, along with scores, are included in this section.

BULLDOG LIFE: The Paw Print  Bulldog Life section all about Oak Hills High School students. It features students with interesting lives outside of their normal high school lives.

CREATIVE ARTS: The Paw Print Creative Arts sections features student arts. This can include short stories, drawings, or anything related to the arts. If you have submissions you would like posted, please email your work to [email protected]

ENTERTAINMENT: The Paw Print Entertainment section focuses on various entertaining events and topics at the school, and in the community.

OPINION: The Paw Print Barks & Bites section is the student opinion page of Oak Hills High School. It features opinions from students on various topics.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Suggestions? E-mail the Paw Print Journalism editors and staff at [email protected]

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