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2015 is the first year that the Paw Print will be published online, and we are excited to be bringing this new form of news to the students of Oak Hills High School. The website will be updated with something fresh at the beginning every other week.

We, the Paw Print staff, are dedicated to informing the students of Oak Hills High School and becoming their main means of communication. We serve to be representatives and the voice of the student body. Our context is student based because the most important aspect of the Paw Print, the quality that defines our entire purpose, is to focus on the stories of the people. We do not show bias, but we report truthfully. We do not show favoritism, but we cover even the smallest of stories. We believe that everyone’s voice needs to be heard, and we are here to be their microphone. The Paw Print staff writes with the utmost passion in their works, and try their hardest to create the most captivating, eye-opening stories. Our readers may expect nothing but the best from us, and we promise to deliver.

Material from Paw Print Newspaper should not be reproduced without prior permission. Photographs are property of those who are enrolled Beginning/Advanced Journalism or Advanced Photography. Ownership (unless specified elsewhere) is that of the photographer.

The privacy of all writers (including contributing writers) and staff will be protected at all times. Email addresses provided through the website will never be shared with a third party unless impersonation or abuse is discovered and the truthful origin of the comment is needed. It is necessary to record this information to protect the website from spam and occasionally to contact submissions. While we take every precaution to protect the information of all submissions, Paw Print makes no guarantees regarding the security of the data submitted through the website.

All comments posted are the responsibility of the poster, including any spelling or grammar errors. Paw Print or its Journalism students does not necessarily agree with or endorse any opinions expressed. However, Paw Print does maintain the right not to publish comments or to remove them without notice. Paw Print is a student-run online publication. It has a duty to ensure that the comments are constructive and relevant to discussion. Paw Print Newspaper makes no claim as to the validity or origin of the claimed comment.

Any complaints should be directed to the editorial staff.

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