Get to Know the Difference of Films

Know The Difference Between Black and White Films to Color Films


Joanna Cruz

Ryan Silver (Oak Hills High School English Teacher) poses for a picture up against a white wall in his classroom

Everyone knows what films are, a colored motion picture that tells a person’s story. From propaganda to advertisement to movies, film allows people to see what the current events and influences in the world affecting cities or countries are. Film is made in a variety of forms that are from documentaries to live action adventure. As film grew from a motion of one picture to lengthy motions of pictures, it influenced society and countries.

Oak Hills High School English teacher Ryan Silver enjoys horror and science-fiction films, silent comedies from the 1920’s, and early comedians like Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, and Harold Lloyd. Silver was a Film Study major in college to which he was able to see all forms of films from different time periods and found it interesting on how film changed over the years.

Silent movies involved concentration because sound with movies had not been invented, audiences had to pay attention to have an understanding of the film through body language and facial expression. They had to do this in order to be able to have an idea on what the film and scenes are about.

The Silent era (around 1891 – 1927) was a fruitful period for films. This era was filled with films like Nosferatu with Max Schreck as Count Orlok, A Trip to the Moon, and Pandora’s Box. Actors, such as Lillian Gish, the First Lady of American Cinema, had to be precise with their movements as it was used as an expression to make a scene have a story. This is what made films become more popular and it eventually evolved to “talking pictures”.

“One of the first ever films was just a few seconds long and showed a train running toward the cameras. When they saw this in the theater, many people freaked out and leapt out of their seats because they thought the train was going to hit them,” Silver explained of the first ever moving picture.

Film is motivated by what society does, such as wars, murders, or even by a simple idea. Although, it still gives people topics to talk through it still can bring issues that have been swept under the rug. The famous chicken versus egg debate is an example of whether people inspire films or films inspire people. Films are also meant to be a distraction from what the world is dealing with and can allow a person to be free from dark reality.

Film is also seen as a way for a person to reflect and have sympathy for a character. Such as, if a main character has an odd habit, like biting their nails, then someone can sympathize with how it feels to bite their nails that come from nervousness, discomfort, or a simple time killer. Films can give a person a different perspective on certains or even the world and it can help them see what others cannot, the same way a book can.

Film is also considered an art through its movement and colors. A person interested in film can create a film that involves the current events in the world, current affairs in communities, and many other issues that are impacting society and citizens. People who are interested in creating a film or even expressing their voice in film can inspire one person to take action that can change one community.

“When I was young, my mom took me to Blockbuster Video and told me I had to watch an original Alien film from 1979. It was the coolest movie!” Silver stated one of his experiences surrounding films. “Since then, I couldn’t get enough of films, especially Sci-fi and Horror,”

Joanna Cruz
Students Katia Perez (Senior), Ryan Silver (Oak Hills High School English Teacher), Ivan Cardenas (Senior), Joel Lozano (Sophomore), and Xavier Rice (Sophomore) visit Ryan Silver during lunch

Silver enjoys watching comic book films that came from his childhood and he loves that comic book films became more interesting over the years. He is also astonished by black and white films because of their limited number, due to the fact the there was no color and creativity was a necessary tool to producing a story on screen.

“Therefore, films tell human stories, stories which we can all relate. I also think about what film teaches us by looking at the various genres (comedy, drama, horror, romance, ect.) they teach us what’s funny, what has emotional weight, what to be afraid of, ect,” Silver says of what films have over people.

Films are not only a moving picture, but it is a story that you watch and listen, and pay attention to; like a good book that is worth reading in one sitting. By having the human influences in films, a random person can grow just by watching and listening to the moving pictures.

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