Daven Hornback: An Aspiring Professional Bowler at OHHS

Sophomore Daven Hornback shares his love for bowling


Daven Hornback

Daven Hornback's customized tournament bowling shirt with his last name on it

Most teenagers have found something that really interests them or that they click with. Whether that be with sports or liberal arts, by the time high school has come around, students have seemed to have found their passion. One particular sophomore student on campus named Daven Hornback has found his love in bowling. Not only has he connected with it but he has mastered his passion on a level like never before. 

Back in 2009 Daven began bowling when his grandfather, Richard Hornback, introduced him to it. Hornback was a competitive bowler who participated in the Senior Victor Valley Bowling League. He saw this as an opportunity to not only become close with his grandfather but also because he found a great interest in it after watching his elder.

Daven now bowls in the Victor Valley Bowling League alongside his brother, Aiden Hornback, who is 11 years old and currently attends Mesquite Elementary School. While bonding with his family is great, Daven has achieved some great feats on his own. He frequently competes in tournaments, winning 1st or 2nd place in almost every single one. He has even started to win scholarships through bowling that will be put towards the college of his choice.

“[Bowling with my brother] is fun and nice because we have each other to support one another and our grandpa supports us as well,” comments Daven Hornback, the OHHS student and bowler. 

Daven has also achieved bowling a 300 at the Victor Valley Bowling Alley which is a perfect bowling score. He managed to complete this feat in September 2018 and has been extremely proud ever since.

Ally Patten
Daven Hornback’s 300 ring, only given to those who have bowled a perfect score

“[Bowling a perfect score] was exciting and I bowled higher than I thought I ever could,” Daven thrillingly admits. “People were looking at me after I did it, so it was weird having all that pressure but I still found it to be exciting.” 

Daven manages to keep up with his school work while still finding time to practice his sport and compete in tournaments. It is a tough challenge for some students but Daven keeps it together because he knows that his has big goals ahead that require him to be on top of his game. He has had an exciting ten years with bowling and only expects more good things to come.

He shared that he would like to try to pursue professional bowling as a career when he gets older. His dream would be to be apart of PBA (The Professional Bowlers Association) because he thinks it would be a great career where it is having fun while still making money. If he does not become a professional bowler, Daven hopes to have a career in criminal justice.

Whatever his route may be, there are only good things to come from this young student. Daven still has the rest of high school to wow his classmates and those at his bowling alley.


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