Oak Hills High School Original Campus Assistant Leaves After Ten Years

One of the Original 61 Who Started at Oak Hills High School

Margaret Allen wearing her Campus Assistant uniform

Joanna Cruz

Margaret Allen wearing her Campus Assistant uniform

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Oak Hills High School has entered its tenth year strongly and proudly, but one of its first 61 people will be leaving early. Campus Assistant Margaret Allen is retiring early after receiving news of her diagnosis of cancer. She had taken time off during the Fall Semester and has decided to retire. Allen has been a campus assistant for almost 32 and a half years and has declared that her time at OHHS has been the best ten years of her experience.

“It’s been a great, great, great, great experience. I wouldn’t trade it for nothing,” Allen stated of her time of being OHHS Campus Assistant.

Allen worked at Hesperia Junior High in 1977, then worked at Hook Junior High School from 1979 to 1983. She took a break in between before working for Hesperia Unified School District since 1987. Allen has made friends with both staff and students over the years of working in schools and loved watching students grow from their first to their last years of school.

Allen comments, “It’s like being a mom or grandma. You have to break free your kids and move on.”

Ever since she has learned of her diagnosis, Allen has captured every moment of everyday she has spent and treasures them in her heart. Allen’s perspective changed to value all the smallest things in life because living a life only happens once and there is no other way to relive it.

People usually keep away from those who have small issues whether be a skin condition or a weight issue; anyone who has something that affects their health makes them to be treated as if they are contagious. Judgement is a simple thing that a child can do so with no effort, and Allen has experienced this. Her cancer has given her different treatment than she had received before being diagnosed.

“Some people think it’s like having a plague and some people just go all sad over you. I tell them ‘No, because I’m getting better’. I think I’m cured, so I just tell them that it’s a blessing. I don’t feel like it’s a bad place to be because I’ve been getting treated with respect,” states Allen on how people have been treating her. 

Allen claims that having cancer was her wake up call to be more appreciative of her family and the rest of the time she has left. Over her years of working she had made friends with students that she is still in contact over the years with the same former students she was close to.

Joanna Cruz
Margaret Allen in her Campus Assistant Uniform without her headwear

“After doing this for almost thirty-two and a half years it’s like you intend to make friends,” Allen explains from her experience of working as a Campus Assistant. “You form bonds. I actually still talk to previous students who are in their forties and fifties and I’m still in touch with them after all these years.”

Everyone wants to believe that they will live a long life that will not be shortened by an illness of any sort, but Allen is an example that life is too short to live in regret, to live in anger, or to live in sadness. 

Allen has retired on February 14, 2019 and she wants to leave with lots of love, and she will take the memories she has made her at OHHS to cherish the friendships she has made.

Joanna Cruz
Left To Right: Margaret Allen, retired campus assistant, and Melody Velasco, an English teacher at OHHS