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Valentine’s Day is when you express your affection to a special someone and spend time with them for the day. But, if you do not have anyone to give chocolates too or light scented candles for, then spend the day with a book that makes your heart race in thrill and makes you want to never let go. Show love to the stories that have already hit the bookshelves and are waiting for you to grab and enjoy.

Paperback Book Cover of The Night Olivia Fell by Christina McDonald

The Night Olivia Fell

Do you ever wonder if a mother’s love is more powerful than the hideous face of lies? Well, Abi Knight has to decide when her daughter Olivia has fallen off a bridge – brain dead and pregnant – and discovers the possibility of her daughter’s fall may have been an accident or have been caused from an an ugly conversation. As Abi sees the threads of Olivia’s life, she begins to suspect that Olivia’s fall may be much more than it seems. Christina McDonald gives a heart wrenching tale of dark lies with hidden relationships, and the power of a mother’s love but, McDonald does not leave the novel without the questions that everyone should know: How well do you know your children? How well do they know you?

Paperback Book Cover of The SIlent Patient by Alex Michaelides

The Silent Patient

Famous painter Alicia Berenson’s married to the in-demand fashion photographer and lives a picture perfect life. One night, her husband returns home late after a fashion shoot and Alicia shoots him five times; she never speaks a word after. When her violent act captures the public’s imagination, she, the silent patient, is concealed from the tabloids and limelight at the Grove, a forensic unit in North London. Theo Faber, a criminal psychotherapist, waited for an open opportunity to work with Alicia and his determination to get her to talk and discover the mystery of why Alicia shot her husband takes a dark path to his own motivations. Alex Michaelides conveys a hunt for the truth that threatens to consume the one who searches.

Remember, love that doesn’t include honesty doesn’t deserve to be called love.

Paperback Book Cover of The Ruin of Kings by Jenn Lyons

The Ruin of Kings

Kihrin is the long-lost son of the treasonous prince by a forced claim, and the fairy tales did not promise a life of luxury and duties to a long-lost heir of royal blood. Kihrin finds that he is a prisoner under his new family’s power plays and ambitions. The longer he is recognized as the absent son of a treasonous prince, he realizes that the storybook tales he grew up with told countless lies of dragons, demons, gods, prophecies, true love, and the hero who wins at the end. However, Kihrin’s destiny may be one that he would never have expected.

We all have heard of the fairy tales having the main character as the hero who is destined to save his kingdom, save and marry the damsel in distress, and live happily ever after but, Jenn Lyons tells a story completely opposite than the ones we grew up with and creates a world that makes us question what a real tale truly is.

She pushed a dagger into my hands.

‘And now you are a man with a knife. Woe to the Empire.’

Paperback Book Cover of The Last Romantics by Tara Conklin

The Last Romantics

Fiona Skinner is asked to speak about her iconic work, The Love Poem, she tells the story of her family and a betrayal that still haunts her. A big yellow house with a funeral, a iron poker, and the Pause: a free and federal  summer in a middle-class Connecticut town live the Skinner siblings – Renee, Caroline, Joe, and Fiona. The Skinner siblings are confronted by a family crisis that tests their close bond and forces them to answer questions that are not so easy to answer. They especially have to answer what will they do for love. Explore the unforgettable ties that bond the Skinner siblings in a novel that stabs the heart and stains the mind of finishing difficult times and going to the future with your head held high.

Tara Conklin is New York Times bestselling author of The House Girl and presents a story about four siblings and the test that threatens to break their close bond and lead them into a dark future.

I was wrong to tell you that this is a story about the failures of love. No, it is about real love, true love. Imperfect, wretched, weak love. Every day we struggle to decide what to give away and what to keep, but every day we make that calculation and we live with the results. This then is the true lesson: there nothing romantic about love. Only the most naive believe it will save them. Nly the hardest of us will survive it.

Paperback Book Cover of The Chalk Man by C.J. Tudor

The Chalk Man

Eddie and his friends had a little secret code, little chalk stick figures they leave for each other as messages only they understand. However, one message leads them to a dismembered body that changes everything. Years have passed and Eddie is an adult who believes the past is in the past, until he receives a letter that has a single chalk stick man. He learns that his friends have received the same message and they believe it is only a prank… until one ends up dead. C.J. Tudor brings a story filled with mystery and suspense that will have you guessing until the final page, and Eddie will be engrossed with the mystery to face what truly happened years ago.

What shapes us is not always our achievements but our omissions. Not lies; simply the truths we don’t tell.

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