Jason Rodriguez Moves On To The Next Chapter of His Life

Offensive tackle, #75 commits to USC in Late April


Sent in by Jason Rodriguez

Jason poses for a photo at the Polynesian Football Hall of Fame

Going into the second semester of his Senior year, with a full ride to the University of Southern California, Jason Rodriguez reminisces on his high school years of being able to experience a memorable time with friends who have become family too him. All throughout his four years of highschool Jason, #75 on the field, played as the offensive tackle for the Oak Hills High School football team. With continuous dedication to his sport, during the beginning of his Senior year Jason began to receive an immense amount of offers from multiple different state colleges.

He plans on majoring in genealogy at USC, as it is something that he takes interest in, so he wanted to further his knowledge on it while playing college football. The one thing that Jason was most excited about going into the further commitment process into USC was that he was able to experience this with his parents.

“I think the biggest thing I was excited for was getting to bring my parents [along with me to college trips] and have them experience everything with me; give them opportunities that they may have not had,” Jason talks more on his excitement for the commitment process to college.

As Jason goes on to college this year, taking the fact that he has committed to a full ride to USC. He starts to take on the persona of being a role model to incoming athletes in the same boat as him. In an interview with Jason, he goes on to explain how you can definitely talk about being committed to a sport but in order to being fully committed, the sport needs to become your life, especially if you want to go to college for it.

In the early days of February, Jason is getting closer to graduation and the end of his highschool years. He is extremely happy with his decision of going to play college football at USC and it definitely gives him a peace of mind knowing that everything is set in stone for his future so far.

“It’s a true blessing for me to not only have it but to have that peace of mind,” Jason elaborates more on his future in college.

Moving on to the next chapter in his life Jason realizes that things he will miss most about his senior year and high school years in general is the fact that he will not have classes anymore with his friends that he is grown up with all throughout high school.

“Probably being with my brother and all my friends, having classes with my boys and getting to see them everyday,” Jason talks about what he is going to miss most about his high school years.

As Jason commits to USC, his years on the field at OHHS will never be forgotten as he made many memories with his friends, family, and coaches that he will carry with him forever. #75 will definitely be making history for the OHHS high desert athletic timeline.

For additional information on the football and sports background of Jason, read this article from the Victorville Daily PressOak Hills’ Rodriguez makes good on commitment to USC

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