Makeup Tips and Tricks from Students

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Makeup Tips and Tricks from Students

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Makeup is a form of expression that you can play around with to show off who you really are. Whether you are going for a more natural or a bold statement, there are many different looks you can create. Makeup means different things to different people.

“As a student, makeup is a form of expression, as a teacher, so we can conceal our bags because of long nights,” stated Nataly Aguilera, an integrated I math teacher here at Oak Hills High School.

Aguilera has been wearing makeup since she was in college at the age of 18. She started to wear makeup because she broke out with acne on her face and she thought wearing makeup would help her feel less self conscious about her acne.

Three tips that Aguilera would give to OHHS students are, “Blend your foundation, especially your neck, which means get the right color foundation. Apply heat to your eyelash curler to make the curl stay in your eyelashes. Last remember to brush off translucent powder when baking.”

Gender roles do not apply when it comes to expressing yourself through makeup. Sabastian Nunez, junior here at OHHS has been wearing makeup since the middle of his Sophomore year. He is now in his junior year and he still loves to use makeup as his form of expression.

Sabastian would like to give the students of OHHS the following advice, “When blending your eyeshadow use a less dense brush and blend in circular motions. Also don’t care what other people think because if you care what other people think you will just stick to normal boring looks.”

Doing makeup doesn’t mean you have to go full out all the time. Going for a more natural look is just as beautiful as a bold look. Alysa Melo is a Sophomore here at OHHS and she likes to go for a more natural look. Alysa started wearing makeup when she was 13 years old. Products that she uses that she recommends to OHHS students are, Milk, Glossier, Benefit, and Too Faced. The one tip that Alysa would give to people when doing their makeup is to use bronzer as a natural eyeshadow look.

Alysa states, “Makeup is something that helps enhance your natural beauty and doesn’t cover your natural beauty.” 

All throughout OHHS many students take different forms of expressions to be able to show who they are as people. Makeup, happens to be one of those more popular forms or expressions that many people here at OHHS take on. Walking around campus you can catch many students using make-up throughout their daily routines to not only get ready but to use as a form of art on their bodies.

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