Athlete Profile: Gabriella Notarianni

Oak Hills High School Girls Varsity Soccer Goalie

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Athlete Profile: Gabriella Notarianni

Valorie Santillan, Staff Writer

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Gabriella Notarianni is a goalie on the Oak Hills High School Varsity soccer team. She likes to go by the nickname Ella, that is what she is most known by on the field and what all her friends and family call her. Ella has been playing soccer for eleven years now and she is currently a sophomore here at OHHS, she will be graduating with the class of 2021. Being so young, Ella has realized that her love for soccer is something that she will want to continue throughout high school and after realizing how much she fell in love with the sport she may even want to continue it into college.

“I want to go as far as I can as of right now until the end,” comments Ella on her future with playing sports. 

Ella has been on the field since she was little and when she was younger her positions on the field were never exactly permanent, so one day her coach at the time put her as the goalie. After that the position of goalie kind of just stuck and she has not moved positions since.

Being a goalie may seem easy because people like to think that you are just standing there and simply blocking the ball from going into the net but, it does get intense. Waiting for the ball, having fans scream, cheering you on, and waiting for the right dive to save are all things you have to take into account when it comes to being a goalie. During an intense Serrano High School game Ella managed to save the ball four times, her favorite team to play against is Serrano she enjoys the intense and challenging game every time.

“Intense game, encouraging, having fans yell, it is all so exciting,” Ella speaks on her experience when she plays against Serrano.

Ella not only has soccer that she has to focus on but she also has school. She has to manage her time wisely considering the fact that she plays soccer for a club outside of school as well, Ella does admit that she usually slacks but this year she has a goal of changing that. Her support group at home includes her mom, the soccer girls, and of course her family. Besides just playing soccer, she also played softball for awhile, but she enjoyed playing soccer better.

“Usually I slack, but this time I am focusing more on school,” Ella comments on her want of needing to take more time to prioritize school. 

On the field you will see Ella with her jersey that has the number 50 on it, she does not have a meaning to her jersey number she simply just got it randomly. Ella then talks about how on each game she feels different depending on the team she plays against, like when she plays against Serrano the games are very upbeat and full of energy considering that the team is a rival. Soccer is not a challenge, she believes that if you are dedicated to playing and being on your game soccer is a sport that you will fall in love with.

Depends on the game, Oaks practices are intense and you have to always be on your game,” Ella talks about the practices that OHHS upholds for their teams.

Ella, a current sophomore at OHHS is doing exceptional in soccer, especially for having to balance it with club soccer outside of school and her schoolwork. Then proceeding to go home and be with family but also finding time for friends and other activities outside of high school and sports. She sees herself playing soccer for the rest of high school and wants to succeed playing in college soccer as well.



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