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January 22, 2019

Go into the New Year with new books and get your hands on the upcoming releases!

Paperback cover of The Dreamers by Karen Thompson Walker

The Dreamers

Have you ever wondered what to do when your roommate takes a nap but never wakes up? Well, in Southern California, a college student experiences this exact thing with her roommate. After her roommate is taken to the hospital, another girl falls asleep and doesn’t wake up. Then another and another, until panic is caused at the college and the town is infected from the odd sleeps. In a place where classes are cancelled, stores closed, and the cases of the odd sleeps increases rapidly, Mei is thrown in a reality that she can’t escape from – even in her sleep. Read Karen Thompson Walker’s story and experience the nightmarish tale that complicates reality and dreams.

They sleep like children, mouths open, cheek flushed. Breathing as rhythmic as swell on a sea. No longer allowed in the rooms, their mothers and fathers watch them through double-paned glass. Isolation – that’s what the doctors call it: the separation of the sick from the well. But, isn’t every sleep a kind of isolation? When else are we so alone?


Paperback cover of Black Leopard, Red Wolf by Marlon James

Black Leopard, Red Wolf

Tracker has a nose to track anything he wishes to find; because of this he is determined to find the disappearance of a missing boy from three years ago under mysterious circumstances only to find out that he is not the only one looking for the boy. As he travels in search of the boy in city after city, he comes across mythical creatures with the intent to kill them. Tracker has to decide whether or not the ones he travels with are telling the truth or are lying with an intention to steal the boy they are searching for. Marlon James delivers the first book of The Dark Star trilogy as a whirlwind for fantasy lovers and find a gorgeous plot that is a must read. 

Release on February 5, 2019


Paperback cover of Two Can Keep A A Secret by Karen M. McManus

Two Can Keep A Secret

Two can only keep a secret if one is dead. Ellery moves to the the small town Echo Ridge with her grandmother that she barely knows and begins to see that the town looks picture perfect, but it has secrets. Before Ellery goes to school, a promise is made that the town will become as dangerous as it was five years ago. Secrets are not a problem for her or the rest of her family as they all share a secretive side to them; and the longer Ellery stays in Echo Ridge it’s clear that everyone has a secret to keep. Secrets are not easy to keep for some people and it can turn out to be dangerous. Karen M. McManus brings a thriller that makes Pretty Little Liars seem like child’s play and is definitely is a release to check out.

I grip Malcolm’s hand tighter to ward off the chill that runs down my spine every time I remember Peter’s voice hissing my ear, so faint I almost missed it. I wish I had, because I’ll spend the rest of my life hoping he never repeats the words he thought I’d take to my grave.

I thought she was your mother.


Paperback cover of The Wicked King by Holly Black

Honorable Mention: The Wicked King

Check out the release of the second book to The Cruel Prince by Holly Black and experience the heartbreak of Jude’s traitor the bubbling romance.

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