Literature and its Influence Behind its Pages

Understand how literature creates a skill from its lessons


Joanna Cruz

Rodney LaMar stands next to his rules.

Literature is not only a class to take to obtain a diploma or just to learn how to read and analyze stories, it helps to develop skills that are necessary in everyday life. The very existence of literature allows people to recognize patterns and changes in everything that can affect our emotion or fate. By learning to analyze and comprehend a simple text, you can reveal that the stability of the mind is able to gain a lesson from behind the words printed on the page.

“I think literature is one of the things that keeps mankind stable and if we didn’t have literature we would be blind and ignorant. If we don’t tell stories, we won’t know anything,” Rodney LaMar, an english teacher here at Oak Hills High School explained.

The teachings of literature form the ability to see behind the appearance of not only a word, but beneath the skin and into the very core of the moral that reflects its purpose and life. This can serve as a tool to help people by learning to understand a different perspective and view of the world.

By forming a different perspective, a person is able to empathize what a person is feeling or can recognize that one small change of the world can affect not only a few people or families, but it can affect the way that the world is viewed as a whole.

Reading serves the same purpose as literature by presenting lessons and warnings to a society. From children’s books to adult novels, a scripture can be found and teach the reader what they may need to understand. Such as one of Aesop’s Fables, The Tortoise and the Hare, tells children that by doing things slow and steady rather than quickly and recklessly can bring success.

Benjamin Franklin is LaMar’s biggest inspiration due to the fact that Franklin’s success comes from his hard work, which led him to be one of the most influential men in the Americas.

“I believe Benjamin Franklin is one of the best examples of what an American could be. He was a hard working self-starter, motivated, and educated human being,” LaMar stated.

From the examples Franklin left behind, LaMar took his lessons as a way to see the influence of hard work and how it can change a person’s life.

“When I read Franklin’s biography, it taught me that everybody has to work hard. Not many people are born with that silver spoon, things are not given to you – everybody has to work hard,” LaMar speaks his opinion on Franklin’s life and how it impacted him.

Joanna Cruz
Left to right: Madison Gammell, Rodney LaMar, and Emily Solis

Though the many different genres of novels tells a different story, there is no denial that a lesson are within the pages and it can allow the reader to grow and understand what the story is speaking about.

“In my experiences in life, where I come from, I need to know how to make myself better immediately all the time or I have to have experiences where, “this has happened to me and I need to make it better” that’s why I am a non-fiction reader,” LaMar talks about his reason for loving nonfiction.

As literature continues to influence the modern world and uprising novelists, its legacy of morals will be known throughout history for its ability to teach people and change or improve a person’s character.

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