Here is Where You Will Meet Diversity

Enter a place where you are not defined of your traditions


Joanna Cruz

Members of the Spanish Club with club's advisor Denise Lorenzo (far right)

The Spanish Club at Oak Hills High School began over a year ago where anyone of any culture is welcomed. Spanish Club advisor, Denise Lorenzo, created the club for students from different cultures to learn other cultures and create new relationships with different people of other heritages.

Lorenzo keeps an open door to anyone who wants to join this club that is about culture and diversity. By having not only Spanish speakers, but other people of different languages, gives a welcoming environment that is filled with students from far customs. Though the Spanish Club is still new, it has received both Spanish speakers and non-Spanish speakers who have created friendships and share their differences and similarities of their own beliefs.

“It’s about culture and how everyone has their own culture, and that is unique,” Vice President Luz De la Cruz stated.

By expressing their Latino culture, they welcome non-Spanish speakers to their club and share their culture to other students from different areas. The Spanish Club stands out from Latino Dance because of connecting students with other customs from their own, and encourages to make friends with unalike traditions.

“I guess you can say our class is very fun,” Cruz said, “We’re very open and if you don’t speak Spanish, we’ll help you.”

Joanna Cruz
Left to Right: President Juan Del Real, Historian Michael Leon, and Vice President Luz De la Cruz

Though the country is divided from diversity and the refusal to listen to each other’s cultures and learn that despite how they were raised, a Mexican can bond with a Puerto Rican, excluding of having Spanish as their mother tongue. By learning new cultures, similarities can be seen if looked closely and by bonding through communication, friendships can be formed.

“Since having a lot of diversity in school – we have a French Club and the  K-Pop Club – it’s good because we are entering into a diversity that the school is passing.” Cruz explained.

Judgement can be caused because of not having the same aspects of growing up in the same culture or in similar ways of not having been raised; it blinds how alike one person of a Caucasian culture can connect with a person of an Asian culture. School can be divided by different groups: Mexicans only speak with Mexicans, Caucasians only speak with Caucasians, Asians only speak with Asians.

Understanding another culture is difficult to comprehend if one is stuck into only one culture and the refusal to learn or even speak a few words of another culture can cause distance of communication. A way to learn and understand a new and different culture is to listen. Just by lending an open ear can create friendships and even have a family of diversity that anyone can have.

Spanish Club member Elizabeth Dominguez, a senior at OHHS declared, “We don’t just have Mexicans here. We have people from different countries and they share their culture with us, and in return we share our culture with them.”

By accepting a different heritage and choosing to learn about any culture creates an open mind and an open ear that encourages others to learn about it as well. Not knowing how to speak a certain language does not define one’s own knowledge of another culture, but it presents the unbiased mind.

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