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Book Readers Anonymous Club

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Get Cozy With A Book

Savannah Godinez, Editor In Chief

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A book has the ability to allow you to escape from reality and live in the realm of something else. It can give people a break from the constant buzz of social media and gossip that can seem to get a bit overwhelming as society develops. If you are interested in books and getting the chance to be able to bond with other people that may have the same interests as you then the Book Readers Anonymous club may be for you. Every Monday in room D-16 or the library, the Book Readers Anonymous club meets to discuss books, decorate the library, and to bond with other students that all share the same curiosity.

“I like the cooperative effort from students and how we promote literature and books from the school library,” Joshua Smith, Vice President of the club and Sophomore here at OHHS, comments his opinion on his participation in the club.

This club has many activities for anyone to participate in once they have joined the club. They do a lot of seasonal activities and have decorative themes for the library. Currently for the Winter season they have decorated the library with paper snowflakes, ornaments, a Christmas tree, and displayed books on the shelves in the library.

Leslie Ascencio, Sophomore and member of the club, talks about her favorite reason for being a member, “Being able to help the library, read books, and getting to be involved with activities is the most enjoyable part.”

Throughout their meetings they discuss a lot of their involvement with the library, they choose books to read and then follow up on them, and they also have a lot of time for bonding and just giving everyone the chance to hangout and enjoy themselves as well.

Jenali Cruz, President of the club and Sophomore here at OHHS, talks about what she takes pleasure in most about her club, “We enjoy the bonding that we see in this club during our meetings.”

The theme for the upcoming new year of 2019 is “New Book, New Year”, they have decided to focus a bit more on the actual discussions and reading of the books that they choose to read.

For the upcoming new year of 2019 and also the school’s second second semester, the new club advisor for Book Readers Anonymous Club will be Courtney Bell. She is located in room D-6  and once the second semester has started all classroom meetings will be held in there.

If you would like to join Book Readers Anonymous, you can attend the meetings every Monday in room D-6 and get a chance to meet other students with the possible same interests.