Benefits of Oak Hills High School Bodybuilding Club

How the training and dieting can help you become a better version of yourself


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Oak Hills High School weight room, ready for a Nutrition Seminar

Yuri Cain, Editor In Chief

The Bodybuilding Club at Oak Hills High School started three years ago with the advisor being Victoria Morse, the OHHS art teacher and also a competitor who placed top 10 in the USA National Bodybuilding Championship back in 2016. She started the club after a group of students came up to her, interested in creating the club and knowing her history in bodybuilding. Any one is allowed to join this club as long as they are serious about getting fit and doing their diets and training.

The Bodybuilding Club usually meets in room B-15 and sometimes moves over to the weight room. They meet on Tuesdays from 3 PM to 4 PM and on Thursdays from 2:30 PM to 4 PM. This is an afterschool practice that just consists of the members training in the weight room. For their meetings at lunch every other Wednesday, they go over fundraiser ideas, safety precautions to take in the weight room, and workouts that will help the students reach their fitness goals.

“It has benefited me because I have a place to exercise to achieve my [workout] goals. It is a platform that has helped me understand the functions of the body and the specific movements that we need to take to perform them,” comments James Garcia, a senior at OHHS who is a member of Bodybuilding Club.

Bodybuilding consists of constant weight training which can help students burn calories even after they are done with their workout. Even though calories are needed for energy and can be healthy for your body, if a person is not burning them off at a constant rate it can lead to weight gain. The main idea of bodybuilding is to gain muscle weight, not fat.

“Mentally [Bodybuilding Club] has made me more of a leader and I have helped people more than ever before. Physically it makes me push my limits,” stated Christopher Gavino, a senior at OHHS who is the club president.

Bodybuilding Club gives students motivation to continually do their diet plan that they set up in the club. It also keeps them on top of their training while giving them new ideas on how to workout and what works best for their body. It is a great club for students who want to get motivated and increase their fitness but do not know how to start or how to stay on track by themselves.

“[Hopefully] bodybuilding is going to help me maintain a healthy weight. It’s also motivating me to work out more and watch what I eat,” Stephanie Vazquez stated, an OHHS senior who is new to the Bodybuilding Club.

The club helps students learn patience and discipline as the art of bodybuilding takes time to build up to your goals. It can also help with things such as stress, anxiety, and even depression. Exercise allows students to clear their mind and the club gives them an open space to not have to worry about people judging them for their body type or how they look when they work out.

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