The Typical Job of a School Psychologist

Find out about the people who are here to help


The sign for our school psychologist.

Aurora Majourau, Staff Writer

Sometimes, you just need someone else to listen to your problems. Here on the Oak Hills High School campus we have two school psychologists with open offices for any OHHS student to enter. A psychologist is someone who had to take a Psychology college course that allows them to specialize in helping students with mental health, emotional health, how to succeed academically. Although, counselors do help also with emotional problems, school psychologist help more with mental problems.

Brandie Del Real, who has been at OHHS for two years as a psychologist, also works at Canyon Ridge. Our other school psychologist, Lisa Grijalva, has been working here for over seven years, and also works as a psychologist at Mojave High School. Everyday, they have at least three students come in and talk to them.

“I love working with kids, young and old. Older [students] are better because you get to have a real conversation with them and they respond to you,” Del Real says about working with students.

Mrs. Grijalva also has a pleasant work environment.

“My experience here is good because of the students. It is the students that make the school. Overall, I enjoy working here,” says Grijalva.

When you are a teenager, you deal with a lot of emotional problems and sometimes even physical. Whether you have problems at school or at home, a school psychologist knows how to help you with them. Some things involved in their job description is; managing student behavior, motivating students, improving students social skills, teaching students how to cope with problems, helping families understand what their child needs, helping navigate special education processes, and on occasion they help connect families with community service providers if necessary.

“My favorite part about [working here] is when you see kids get excited about learning something new. Especially when they learn something about sensation, perception, and how your brain works,” Kristine McDaniel, the teacher for the OHHS Psychcology elective, explains about her class.

If you are dealing with any problems, or you just need someone to talk to, both of the school psychologists are open. Send them an email to set up an appointment, and they will get back to you as soon as possible. It is a great opportunity for students who need to talk out some of their problems but don’t have the resources to go see a psychologist out of school. 

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