Netflix Original Christmas Movie Reviews

'Tis the Holiday Season!

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Netflix Original Christmas Movie Reviews

Screenshot taken by Savannah Godinez

Screenshot taken by Savannah Godinez

Screenshot taken by Savannah Godinez

Screenshot taken by Savannah Godinez

Savannah Godinez, Editor In Chief

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For this upcoming November of 2018, Netflix released four new Christmas movies for the upcoming winter season. As the holidays get closer, one of the best winter activities to do is to watch movies. After all, nothing really pairs better with hot cocoa, cold weather, and the best Christmas movies.

“It is warm and cozy, you get to hang out with family and friends, look out the window at the winter weather outside, and just watch movies, it is relaxing,” Morgan Strout, a junior at OHHS, comments her opinion on watching movies in the winter.

These movies have just recently appeared on Netflix and they are all prepared to get everyone in the holiday season. Here is everything you need to know before settling down to watch them yourself.

The Holiday Calendar

Premiered November 2nd

In The Holiday Calendar, a photographer gets an antique advent calendar that can predict the future. This women, who happens to be the photographer hopes that it will lead her to love this holiday season. The betting answer is that, it most likely will.

The Princess Switch

Premiered November 16th

This movie is apart of your classic, switching places films, two young women who look very much alike decide to switch lives for a few days. Margaret, the Duchess of Montenaro, trades places with a girl named Stacy from Chicago. This all happens a week before Christmas and they also happen to fall in love while having their lives switched around.

The Christmas Chronicles

Premiered November 22nd

In this film, Kurt Russell plays Santa Claus and he narrates the story of a brother and sister who try to catch Santa on camera on Christmas Eve. As they stalk the arrival of Santa, they happen to sneak into his sleigh, causing it to crash and nearly ruin Christmas. As their crazy night unfolds, Kate and Teddy, the brother and sister, work with Santa and his elves to help save Christmas before it is too late.

A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding

Premiered November 30th

This movie just so happens to be a sequel to the popular A Christmas Prince, and there is more holiday cheer and romance than ever in this film. A Christmas Prince is the first movie, where Prince Richard and Amber’s love story is spoken about and created. It features Prince Richard and Amber as they go through multiple events that include, planning their wedding, deal with pre-marriage jitters, and go through a political crisis.

All of these movies are currently available to watch on Netflix, and they can be found under the family watch together movies or the Christmas movie section of Netflix.