Longer Nutrition Breaks

The benefits of having longer nutrition breaks.

Alissa Paz, Staff Writer

Nutrition break is the time for students to get breakfast, talk with friends, or use the restroom after second period for five minutes. During this time you see students crowding and talking amongst themselves until the bell rings and they have to make their way to their classes. It is the only short break during the day where students get a chance to take a break though it is simply not enough time for some students. 

For many Oak Hills High School students, having only five minutes to use the restroom and get breakfast is not enough. There are also many teachers that do not allow students to eat in class after the nutrition break.

“The importance of nutrition break is being able to eat, and you can’t eat in five minutes so it should at least be fifteen minutes,” states Cheri Long, an OHHS senior.

This only gives students the option to either throw the food away or have to put it to the side and eat it later. With the time it takes to wait in lines to get food and go to class there is not much time to sit and enjoy the food.

I do believe having nutrition break a little longer would benefit the students and the teachers because it gives all of us the opportunity to actually eat our food during nutrition and not during third period and we could all take our time using the restroom,” states OHHS foreign language teacher, Alicia Fascinato.

Another problem that many students run into is not having time to use the restroom. On many occasions I have noticed various students asking to use the restroom right after nutrition break because they only had enough time to get food. Extending nutrition break would benefit students by giving them the time to use the restroom and still eat.

“At work you get a fifteen minute break and school should give us that long considering that they are preparing us for life after high school,” stated Mike Rodriguez, an OHHS senior.

Giving students the time to get important things done will likely improve how they do in class considering the fact that having time to use the restroom may keep them from doing so during class and wasting that valuable time. Adding five more minutes to nutrition break would give everyone the time they need to get important things out of the way and would teach them to use the time that they are given wisely. Students having time to eat would improve how they perform in class and give them a chance to be healthy.

Like many students, I believe that there are many positives to giving a longer nutrition break.

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