Get the Scoop on Drake’s Newest Album

Scorpion Album Review

Savannah Godinez, Editor In Chief

During the summer of 2018 on June 29th, Drake dropped his newest album, Scorpion. This is the fifth studio album created that has been released by the Canadian rapper, Drake. Scorpion consists of 25 songs that all fall within the category of Hip-Hop/Rap. Throughout this album there are many bombshells that have been dropped. As there has been many rumors that has to do with Drake’s current life and career.

The album was most likely called Scorpion as Drake’s birthday falls in October making him a Scorpio and it is also said that a scorpion is his patronus. The release of this album was huge, as some of the songs still sit on the billboard’s top 100.

“Most of his songs still play on the radio today and they are pretty catchy, it is definitely a top album for me,” Aryanna Rosiles, junior at Oak Hills High School, comments on the Scorpion album.

Some more prominent things that should be kept in mind towards this release is that it is a double album. There is a side A and a side B, one happens to be more rap focused whereas the other is more sensitive and emotional. The complete length of the album is 1 hour and 29 minutes long, very similar to a movie length. For the most part, Drake pretty much releases a lot of information of recent things that have been rumored about him. Throughout the lines that Drake is rapping, there is some confrontation and obvious things were brought to light.

One of the main eye catching factors of the new album, Scorpion, was the amount of artist features throughout the songs. There was samples from Aaliyah, Mariah Carey, N.W.A., Marvin Gaye, Boyz II, and many more. The entire album was executively produced by Noah Shebib and Drake’s manager, Oliver El-Khatib. Of course there is also a whole cast of other characters involved as well. Going beyond the breaking news of the tea that was being spilled and the record breaking songs, there is many details to go through that are hidden deep within the album and lyrics.  

“As a long time listener of Drake and his music, Scorpion is definitely not relatable to his other albums but it is also not a bad album, there is a few good songs but I feel like the album as whole had a different expectation than what I got,” Maritza Gonzalez, senior at OHHS, speaks on her opinion towards Drake’s newest album.

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