All Hallows’ Eve Mixtape

Listen to a spooky Halloween playlist to celebrate the horror of All Hallows' Eve.

November 2, 2018


Joanna Cruz

The Coven from The Shadow's Bride album by Peter Gundry

Halloween is coming and the pumpkins are raving their poses, the scarecrows are waking from their slumber, and the witches are readying their brooms for the moonrise. Get ready for the terror of shadows as Halloween is near to give its scare.


Phantom of the Opera

Walk into the world of the 19th century Paris and witness the hunting of the Phantom in Palais Garnier opera house. Meet the talented Christine Daae and enter Halloween with the whispers of the Phantom in your ear to fall into madness.



Nightmare Before Christmas

The world of beasts that exists in our nightmares resides in the world of Halloween Town with the Pumpkin King as their leader. Meet the monster who drinks blood, see the young women who sold their souls, and meet your worst dreams in the darkness of this monstrous town.

This is Halloween


Sleepy Hollow

Enter the place where the legendary Headless Horseman roams at nightfall in search of his head. Wait for the moon to rise to meet the heavy hooves of a horse and the menacing laughter of the horseman and join his chase for a head.

Sleepy Hollow Theme


The Addams Family

Meet the shadowy family in the ancient Victorian home upon the cemetery where relatives lay in eerie silence. Though their dark humor may take you aback, they are like any other family of love and care. They do not harm and there is no problem of money.

Addams Family


Peter Gundry

Fall in love with the enchantment of music from the horrors of tales and mysteries of the Old World. Listen to the piano chanting with the sirens of the shadows of night where the moon rises high and the willow trees praise the witching hour. Dance with the lost souls of the dead and sing with the witches as vampires sink their teeth in your mind.

Salem’s Secret

Waltz of the Bone King

The Witching Hour

Human Frailty

The Nocturnal


Listen to the sorrows and fears of the old piano, rotting of age as its youth melts into a forgotten memory. Where the echoes of children running through halls and childish chants fill your ears with the breath of the dead on your neck.

Horror Piano Theme


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