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Sent in by Laci Olivas

Sent in by Laci Olivas

Sent in by Laci Olivas

Motocross Bulldogs

Get to Know Motocross and the Bulldogs that do it

October 11, 2018

Motocross is considered to be one of the world’s most popular form of motorcycle racing besides Supercross. Riders who participate in these competitions compete on different off road courses using their dirt bikes. These tracks that are used for motocross are specially designed with several ramps included with a variety of turns and jumps. In each race, a various amount of riders are allowed to take part in the competition. Each rider and bike competes in individual races according to their engine size. Motocross bikes can be brought in, ready to race condition or adapted to the rider’s choice. The races involve riding around the course for a certain number of laps and the rider to cross the finish line first is determined to be the winner.

Bailey poses for a picture with his dirt bike outside

Sent in by Bailey Ziegler

Competing in motocross can be a very physically and mentally demanding sport. Being in good shape, as well as having a positive mindset are the keys to being a strong Motocross rider. Being in good shape, is important because of the constant use of muscles, a lot of trunk strength is needed to keep you stable on the bike. Riders try to keep their heels off the pegs, so they are working the calf muscles by doing that. All the leg, arm, shoulders, and back muscles are used for control over the bike. Therefore, riders use a majority of their muscles to keep a good stamina during races.

One of our lady bulldogs Laci Olivas, who also rides says, “I like riding and racing dirt bikes because it is really fun racing with friends and family on the motocross track! I’ve been racing since I was 4 years old so it is just really fun to me! Racing track is fun you just get in the flow of all the turns and jumps!”

Overall, motocross is a fun, yet challenging sport.

There is a lot of hard work going into these big races that mean a lot to these riders. Without the support of their family, friends, and coaches, these riders could not achieve their motocross goals.

Sophomore Bailey Ziegler has been riding ever since he was four and says, “Just the feeling of controlling a 200 plus pound bike, and going off of jumps with it is amazing. And I think a lot of riders will agree, when going riding we forget about everything and just focus on what’s in front of us. It’s a stress reliever you could say”.

Sent in by Bailey Ziegler

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