OHHS Alumni Basketball Game

Second Alumni Basketball Game in Oak Hills High School history

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OHHS Alumni Basketball Game

Andrew Lentz, Staff Writer

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There is an Alumni Basketball game being held here in the Oak Hills High School gym on Friday, October 5th at 5:30 PM. This basketball game consists of the OHHS Varsity Basketball team and the alumni team. The Varsity team was handpicked by the OHHS Head Basketball Coach, Shawn Mora. Everyone from the alumni team has graduated as a basketball player from Oak Hills High School. This is the second ever Alumni Basketball game at OHHS; the first alumni game was in the 2013-2014 school year.

“I think it’s finna be lit how the old players are going against the new players to see the development of our skill,” states Varsity basketball player, Dayveein Isumu.

The point of this alumni game is so players can see that there is a possibility of being successful through basketball. The past students that are coming back are successfully playing basketball for colleges and making a name for themself. The OHHS Varsity team might not have a good chance at winning but that is the reason of the game. The alumni team also has a couple of students that participated in the previous alumni game.

“I picked the best players we have,” stated Coach Mora.

The OHHS head basketball coach sees these players as the best in the school. He feels that giving these players a chance to go against real basketball players could really help them in their attempt to becoming a pro. A couple of the Varsity players just look at this as a game to impress the alumni team. Others on the team are playing so they can make improvements on their end. After this alumni game hopefully the OHHS basketball team will have improved with new tactics and ways of thinking. Coach Mora wants to have an alumni game every year so his teams can continue to improve and become inspired.

Coach Mora says his choice players also were picked for their ability to grow as much as possible and players that have room for minor improvements.


Team Roster


Alumni Team:

Dane barton, Avery Bracken, AJ Walton, AJ Richmond, Angel Zometa, Chase Gibson, Eddie Lara, Angel Rodriguez, Jason Klinehands, Geo Frausto, Jayson Ryes, Daniel Stokes, Q Brown, Caesar Arce, Tyriq Parker, William Uelese, and more possible players


Varsity Team:

Jaie Bermudez, Augie Lua, Elijah Moore, Silas Pieper, Erik Figueroa, Mikah Gardner, Isaiah Hyder, Nykai Williams, Dayveein Isumu, Amari Wilson, Semaj Blocker, and Michael Miller

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