The Good and Bad of Pep Rallies

Discussing the topic of pep rallies

Leila Martin, Staff Writer

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Starting off the school year can sometimes be unpalatable and nerve wrecking for some new or even returning students. Coming into a brand new environment can be a big transition for many incoming freshmen. One way Oak Hills High School keeps every student up to date with news, special events, and even performances is by having pep rallies frequently throughout the year.

With those who are not familiar with what pep rallies are exactly, they are a gathering of school students and staff who meet in the gym for a school spirited assembly. The purpose of having students gather for pep rallies is to encourage them to engage in school events that are occuring during the school year. During pep rallies, student athletes are introduced and applauded for their hard work being both a student and athlete here at OHHS. Also, amazing performances are done by the cheerleaders. Their performances include upbeat music, skilled dance moves, and insane flips. There is also class competitions where four people from each grade level compete in fun games, and even the staff participates as well! ASB does a wonderful job of putting everything together for the pep rallies. Tons of students love pep rallies, but some have their dislikes about them.

Freshman MiShayla Barnett comments that, “Pep rallies can sometimes be fun but also boring.”

Lack in participation in some of the class competitions can make the pep rallies feel disengaging. One of the people I asked about pep rallies even wished that the performances were longer so they can remove the class competition. Overall, pep rallies are a fun way to interact with each other and plenty of students at OHHS enjoy going to them. There are just those who do not have fun at all or feel that a few things could be better. 

“I think pep rallies need to be less [cringe],” states sophmore Aaron Rodriguez.

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