2018 Homecoming Nominees

Beyond the Reef Homecoming Nominations

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2018 Homecoming Nominees

The 2018 Homecoming nominees roster

The 2018 Homecoming nominees roster

Allyson Patten

The 2018 Homecoming nominees roster

Allyson Patten

Allyson Patten

The 2018 Homecoming nominees roster

Allyson Patten, Editor

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The 2018 Homecoming Court Nominees have been announced. Voting will take place during Spirit Week (starting September 24 to September 28) and the royal court will be announced at the Pep-Rally and the game. Students are invited to celebrate the homecoming event at the Beyond the Reef dance next Saturday, September 29th.

Congratulations to all nominess.

Freshmen Princess nominees are:

Britney Best

Leila Martin

Valeria Munoz


Freshmen Prince nominees are:

Seth Cayeo

Javier Gonzales

Michael Tamayo


Sophomore Princess nominees are:

Wisdom Allah

Trinity Jordan-Hall

Jordan Ream


Sophomore Prince nominees are:

Ethan Sedano

Anthony Spafford,

Bryor Taimanglo


Junior Princess nominees are:

Navjot Brar

Megan Burns

Grace Ghost


Junior Prince nominees are:

Cole Baze

Braden Castillo

Mahiri Moore


Queen nominees are:  

Eileen Aguayo

Ashley Anguiano

Alexis Spears


King nominees are:

Daniel Gonzalez

Jorge Pitones

Shontrell Webster

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