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The Defrauders logo is pictured with colors of purple, blue, and shades of yellow

The Defrauders logo is pictured with colors of purple, blue, and shades of yellow

The Defrauders

An OHHS student-based band located in the High Desert

In a school with many students, all of which have different skills and talents, five boys decided to take that talent and turn it into something special: a band. With four members currently attending Oak Hills High School and a former OHHS student (Andrew Ocheaeta), these students decided to pick up their instruments and start making some music. It was in March when the students, Andres Barrera (bass & trumpet), Daniel Gonzalez (lead singer & guitarist), Ryan Molina (guitarist), Maximus Bartlebaugh (drummer), and Andrew Ocheaeta (guitar & bass) decided on getting together, knowing each others talents and appreciation for music. This led to the creation of their band, The Defrauders.

“It was my loving passion of music that inspired me to join the band. Learning every song wasn’t enough, I wanted to create my own music” states Andrew Ochaeta, a former OHHS student.

The group has played many shows in the six months that they have been together. When describing their music they say that it falls in the category of alternative/ indie rock. The group has a single titled Insomniac which is a song originally written by band members Ryan Molina, and Daniel Gonzalez, the other members later contributed to the song making it their first published single. Originally, Daniel came up with the idea for the song when doing an assignment for his Creative Writing class. The song is about a boy going through a break up and not being able to sleep because of the situation.

Photo Courtesy of The Defrauders

“I decided to be part of a band because I love music, and I just wanted to share what I love with everybody, because I feel that music is a very unique and important characteristic of human nature,” stated Andres Barrera, an OHHS senior.

Each member has their own musical inspirations, but they can agree that they are fairly similar. The name of the band came from their fondness of the word, “defraud” the band then added a few touches to the word and they then became The Defrauders. The bands logo, made by band member Andrew Ochaeta, was inspired by 80’s artwork and old hero logos. When it comes to school, the members say that it comes first in comparison to music, however, they have learned to manage both their education, and being in a band.  Each member of the band has their own reason for being part of it, but most importantly, they enjoy what they do and who they do it with.

“Me and the guys are all key players that contribute to a significant whole and I’m super grateful that I am now a part of something so surreal and awesome like that,” stated Daniel Gonzalez, an OHHS senior.

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