Homecoming Proposals

Is ASB ruining Homecoming?

Andrew Lentz, Staff Writer

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Dancing and laughter will be the main activities at this years Homecoming dance. It is the ten year anniversary here at Oak Hills High School and it is going to be a big deal. There will be a football game held at the school the night before the dance. The Homecoming dance is on the 29th of September, starting at 7PM and ending at 11PM. ASB is currently selling students posters to ask someone out for $10 at their office.

“If a guy has to rely on ASB to ask out his girlfriend for him, he doesn’t deserve her,” states OHHS sophomore Andrew Ballard.

Homecoming is a way for students to ask each other out to the dance and possibly start a relationship. This opportunity is a good time to spice up your high school experience. ASB is offering homecoming proposals for students that do not know how or do not think they can make a good proposal. In my opinion, this defeats the spirit of the dance itself. Asking someone to the dance is more than a question, it’s also about conquering fears.

Dances are meant to be enjoyed and make memories with one and other.

“It’s pretty dope that we are doing this. The signs are pretty dope too,” comments OHHS senior & ASB student Christian Rodriguez.

Though ASB is making these posters to make asking easier, they are taking out the heart of Homecoming by selling them. I promise that if any girl found out her partner bought the poster from ASB, she would feel lesser of herself. She might feel like the person asking could care less about her and took an easy way out. It is more sentimental and romantic to make something by hand, put their heart into it, and really try to make it personal.

Today my friend got asked out to Homecoming. The person that made her poster included her favorite color, song lyrics, and TV character Lisa Simpson. Her date took their time to find what she likes and gave it tons of thought and emotion. THIS is what any proposal should be.

In some ways it is a good idea for ASB because some people will actually buy the posters. It is not their fault for wanting to make more money off of these dances, but it takes away the life of them. Dances are meant to be enjoyed and make memories with one and other. She would feel either like her partner loves her and spent money on them, or that they could care less and took an easy way out.

“I don’t think dances are that fun, but an ASB poster still seems heartless,”  stated OHHS sophomore Kobe Mendoza.

As the dance gets closer each day people become more stressed out on how to ask out someone. Dances are a piece of someone’s high school experience and everybody should go to at least one. Rejection terrifies people into not doing certain things, and sadly that could take away from their experience. I feel that buying a poster from ASB can be helpful to some people, but in the long run it would be more meaningful to someone if it came from their heart not their wallet. Homecoming is a time for love and fun, and ASB is ruining that.

So would you rather buy a heartless poster from ASB or make something that would stand out and get you that girl or guy?

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