The Hate of Chromebook Cases

Most Oak Hills High School students despise the cases that are mandatory for Chromebooks

Esmeralda Rios and Valorie Santillan

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Most Oak Hills High School students absolutely hate Chromebook cases. A majority of students in classes take the cases off their Chromebooks while complaining at the fact that their backpacks are too heavy. Not only that, but the rubber part of the casing on the Chromebook also tends to cling onto other work, ripping up papers as the result.

Nate Stokes is a computer technician here at OHHS who is located in room C-13. Stokes works on any technical problems that staff or students are experiencing while also simultaneously working out the problems of the Chromebooks. When students go into to see Stokes, they go in with the intention of getting their chromebooks fixed or exchanged. He understands that Chromebook cases ruin papers and damage other items in students backpacks. Sometimes the case even makes the Chromebook unable to fit into the backpacks.

 Most of the staff assumes that the Chromebook cases are a good thing, as they protect the Chromebook from any damage, but there is also some staff that may have their different opinions on them. Stokes is not fully against the cases but he knows where the students are coming from when they say they don’t like them. He has a 50/ 50 point of view on the cases, on one side he sees how it protects the Chromebook from any damage but on the other hand he knows it makes life difficult for students. 

“It’s not the case, it is the chromebook,” said Nate Stokes.

Dominic Rodriguez is a junior here at OHHS, who has a strong agreement with the Chromebooks cases being unnecessary. Dominic pledged that the Chromebook cases do not protect the Chromebook and instead just take up too much space. He thinks that there is no difference when the Chromebook cases are off and on.

“Yes it does not take as much space”, comments Dominic Rodriguez.

Gage Stolp is a freshman here at OHHS who said that having the cases on the chromebooks makes no difference for its safety, but he hates the rubbery part on the cases because it ruins all his papers. Gage also mentions that when something little happens to the Chromebook case the students are responsible to pay for the little damage, when to begin, they did not even want the cases.

“No [student] wanted the Chromebook cases but they still give them to us,” states Gage Stolp.