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Photo of Locksmiths fixing glued doors.

Photo of Locksmiths fixing glued doors.

Damaryz Aguilar

Damaryz Aguilar

Photo of Locksmiths fixing glued doors.

Prank Turns into Vandalism

Senior prank goes wrong

A senior prank is supposed to be funny and unique, and in a school setting, it should be appropriate.

On Monday, May 22nd a few seniors decided to pull what they thought would be a prank on the school. These seniors applied drops of super glue on a few doors on campus and without realizing it, the serious consequences were made.

This act of vandalism, rather than a prank, was not funny to the Oak Hills High School Administration.

They are taking this situation seriously.

The seniors that were involved are no longer able to participate in senior events including graduation. At the time of this report, suspected seniors were being interviewed by the school police.

It is unfortunate that this is all taking place just two days before seniors last day of school. We hope that people learn from this and make sure to be aware of the senior pranks they try to play.

Vice Principal of Discipline, Jason Story advises, “Anything that violates Ed code stay away from. Also stay away from trespassing after school hours, and breaking the law. Kids should be smarter on what you do for senior pranks, and think outside the box that won’t get students in trouble.”

The cost to fix and replace any door fixture is undetermined.

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