Girls Will Be Girls

Women are not just a fetish

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Girls Will Be Girls

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Sex has a double standard for both men and women. Women finds themselves being pre-destined for constant sexualization before they even get out of the womb. The birth of a child should be a wonderful thing, as the world watches them grow mentally and physically. Unfortunately, for girls, the world seems to expect them to grow up faster than boys. The infatuation with molding girls into these overly sexual beings has been going on since the beginning of time.

In a world dominated by men, women are seen as just objects instead of the actual human beings that they are. Society needs to realize that these growing female teenagers are struggling in a world that defies them by their body and not their whole selves.

Birth. Bringing another human into the world is seen as such a magical thing. However, the thought of a baby girl flips the switch in most people’s minds. No longer do they worry about if their child will be happy and successful in life. Instead they wonder if their daughter will turn out to be “fast”. They teach girls even as babies to be more obedient and to carry the world on their shoulder before they even know what it means. Female babies are stereotyped before they are able to form a sentence. The blame of being sexualized shouldn’t lay on the baby but rather the people around her. These people are the neighbors who can’t help but say, “Oh she’s so pretty, she’ll have no problem finding a man”. Why does a baby need to already worry about men? 

Young years. The time of pretty dresses and strict mannerisms. Society will tell teach girls that they must appeal to their peers in the form of beauty. Colorful dresses and pretty bows are forced down young girls throats as they cry out in rebellion. As their beauty is put under a microscope, so is their grace and manner. Young girls are never given the option to hang out with guys or wear tight clothes for the fear of being too “fast”. No longer are they able to throw their legs up and just hang out, no longer are they allowed to fight back, and no longer are they able to have their innocence. Being a lady means that they must be dainty and hitting boys and yelling does not qualify in that area. At this age they are told that boys’ catcalls are actually compliments and that a boy being mean to you means that he likes you. Teenage girls are taught that fighting back isn’t lady like and instead to allow people to push them around and to be the bigger person. It is time to stop this disgusting notion and push for more aggressive girls. It’s time to stop men and ignorant women from sexualizing these girls who are going through the stages of finding themselves. Your youth is a confusing time as it is and having the constant banging of all of these rules to be socially acceptable just creates so much stress.

“One in four girls experience sexual violence before age 18 and about one in four girls’ first sex was forced,” claims Unifesa, the United Nations Commission of the Status of Women.”

Teenager years. Allegedly called the best years of your life actually turn out to be a lifetime of hell. Here come the years of catcalls from the guys at the gas station, the long looks that your male family members secretly throw your way, and the excited but momentary touches of skin male peers of any age will give you. The rights to the female body seem to have gone non existent as the world tears it apart. At this point the school system and society are working as sexualizing forces. These are the good ole years of getting dress coded for tank tops and shorts during summer because God forbid a guy gets distracted in class while seductively staring at your shoulders. The school system would rather take away from young girls learning time because of the sight of skin than teaching boys to instead not be predatory animals. Society, at the same time, is crashing down on the girls. No longer are you able to go out at night and hang out with friends, no longer is it acceptable to wear dresses without random catcalls, and no longer do you have freedom to your own body. Now is the time for having to carefully watch your drink at social events and walking in large groups for the fear of being caught alone in an alley.

“People still think it’s okay to make insensitive comments [towards females] but I’m glad that awareness has spread,” comments Veronica Aguilera, the president of the Women’s Empowerment Club at Oak Hills High School.

In today’s day in age, female teenagers are so locked down and set at this standard of just being an object for men. For the first time being sexualized at school, whether it be from other students catcalling or making sexual references. Through the student dress code that only seems to exist for the females at school and not the males. To adulthood, where society has polished the female race up nice and pretty to fit their own lifestyle. These are things such as media, which seems to forget that women are human beings not meat for people to devour with their eyes. The media spends so much time creating women into sexual objects that you would find it weird when someone does step up to the plate willingly, they find reasons to bash her.

After years and years, women have had to learn how to cope with all of these harsh things. Hopefully somewhere down the line society will finally realize what they have been putting women through for all of time. It’s time for a change, even the smallest change from a single person can help the world become a better place for young girls.