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Teachers With More Than One Job

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Teachers With More Than One Job

Teachers are taking on great responsibilities.

May 29, 2018

Money can seem to be a problem for any person, not knowing that hard work needs to be juggled in order to earn it. Teenagers go about begging for money from their parents or even asking to raise their allowances. Teenagers sometimes have no intention to pay their parents back for their hard earned money. Teens go about taking certain things for granted just because they think it has no value. Just like any adult, sooner or later teens will come to the realization that life comes with responsibilities that will not be easy.

Teachers and students are not necessarily on the same level since they are unaware of how being an adult is a struggle. Teachers have responsibilities yet they face the same struggles just like any parent or adult would. Students are oblivious to the fact that teachers have lives outside of school and still work even when school comes to an end. There are teachers who sometimes stress more since they have more than one job. Sometimes teachers will own a business or just take on another job for the ones they love, while others do it to keep a legacy going.

Head counselor, Larae Harguess states, “I’m in it to preserve my dad’s legacy, if I could spend more time out there I think I could be more successful.”

Larae Harguess was on the topic of how she owns a business called the “World’s Tallest Thermometer” along with the Temp 134 Gift Shop. Harguess did not necessarily see herself owning her father’s business, although a story with a past explains how she ended up with the business. Back in 1991, the World’s Tallest Thermometer was built, but due to the hard winds it collapsed and was rebuilt and completed in 1992. Ever since 2014, she has been managing both being a teacher and owning her business. Each Saturday she dedicates time to go out there and make sure things are working smoothly.

The only thing that worries and stresses her out is when an employee calls in sick and she has to worry about who will put up the ‘closed’ sign. Another thing is when something goes wrong it makes it difficult for her to concentrate. Mainly because she is not able to be in two places at once. She does not necessarily benefit from it rather she likes to say she is doing it in honor of her dad.

Harguess states, “It’s a challenge because most people know I put in a lot of hours here at school and to run a business it takes a lot of hours too, where I’m lucky though is because of technology.”

Running a Business

Running a business also seems like a very big responsibility especially when it is for a coffee house! Mathematics teacher, Stephanie Morales has been a co-owner The Grind Coffee House in Apple Valley, for quite some time. Morales began working there eight years before she became a teacher. The only reason as to why she started working at the Grind Coffee House was because she needed a part time job since her daughter was on the way.

Before working at the coffee shop she was a training manager for Taco Bell and had to train all new managers. Her managing days in Taco Bell did not last long because she had to quit due to her daughter who was on the way. Morales helps with adjusting prices, scheduling, hiring, training, creating marketing materials, and programming all of the registers. She clarifies that most of this can be done in the evening or on the weekends. Morales enjoys the free coffee and how great her customers are, she even noted that she works a shift every so often, especially during summer.

Being asked if it ever interfered with her teaching Stephanie Morales stated,” Not usually because the owner is there. It’s been easier since last June because we hired a manager and I finished training her in January so she pretty much uses me as a consultant.”

Normal Job

Owning or helping run a business takes the same responsibility as working at a Post Office. Regina Bell was once a former employee at a post office all due to her grandfather since he worked there and he was able to provide her with the job. Although, at the time she was not a teacher, she worked at the Post Office before substitute teaching. Bell mentioned that it was an “easy job” but it got tiring for her physically. Bell enjoyed working at the Post Office, she would unload big baskets of mail and then distribute them to the mailmen.

Math teacher Regina Bell states, “While working at the Post Office it kept me motivated to because my grandfather struggled with his health.”

The responsibility for teachers who have more than one job is stressing over other things that are just as important as being a teacher. Not many teachers are able to handle all this work especially if they do not have the patience or the motivation to keep going. It takes time and a lot of dedication in order to fulfill such big priorities. These teachers all had a specific motive and were pleased with what they are doing. That motivation pushes us to pursue greater things in life especially to prosper and succeed great things.

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