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The demands of a job and meeting graduation requirements is a challenge for seniors

May 22, 2018

Shelton Miller, like many mentioned in the article attends school and has a job.

Shelton Miller, like many mentioned in the article attends school and has a job.

Shelton Miller

Shelton Miller

Shelton Miller, like many mentioned in the article attends school and has a job.

The double life of a high school student as an employee and as a student can be stressful, and may not realize it. The outcome of receiving money every two weeks is exciting, but the reality behind it all isn’t all that great. Hard work, dedication, and motivation will get a student through the rough times of struggling to go to work and getting homework done. Learning about what an everyday student goes through, who also works, will maybe help out those who are interested in getting a job while attending high school.

Oak Hills High School graduating senior Janisse Luna, a Gymnastics instructor states, “The reality is that it’s not as easy as it seems to have a job. It gets pretty tough trying to manage school and a job. It can get stressful at some points, but somehow I still manage to keep a 3.0.”

High school is stressful trying to get good grades and also making sure we are on top to graduate. Students who have Advanced Placement classes that help with college, athletic sports, school clubs and much more can be plenty to do, but those with jobs deal with much more. Students who have a five-hour shift right after school, then trying to come home and finish homework, and trying to make sure they get enough sleep only to repeat this schedule the next day is no easy task and it is possible if the determination is there. But there are a lot of reasons why a student gets a job, but there are steps to take and things to know before.

Senior Roman Galindo details the value of being employed, “I felt independent, and that I was finally maturing. It was pretty easy getting a job because I knew that I wanted one and I was determined to get it.”


Getting a job requires a lot of confidence and as well as learning how to promote yourself as a potential employee for a company. It is important that students realize this because self-confidence and know how to talk about yourself is what will get you the job.


Being responsible and knowing how to manage your time is required to maintain a job. In the workforce there is no time to be playing around. Every employee was hired and expected to work hard and make their living. Understanding that managers don’t play around and don’t tolerate those who aren’t serious about work. Everything you do on the job reflects how you will be treated.


Employment can teach individual responsibilities and grow skills. Learning how to manage a paycheck is important because not only does an employee learn how to save but as a high school student one can realize how expensive things really are. Not worrying about asking parents for money is a huge deal, because it shows that you are responsible enough to take care of yourself. 

Getting a job isn’t easy but it is so worth it. It definitely gets easier as you go, and getting the hang of it quickly won’t be a problem. It is not impossible to have a job and go to school and many don’t see it.


Professionalism is important as well, especially during a job interview. Dressing well and making sure you look presentable is the key to a successful interview. Interviews are one on one with a manager and answering questions that they ask. Sitting up straight, well dressed, smile, and a good handshake will most likely get you the job. 

Having employment early is better than starting later and having a job in high school gives students that experience. If you can take on the challenge of school and work, go for it. It is not impossible, and it is not easy, but challenge yourself and take on tasks that will build your character. Learn new things and find out what is like to have a job and be in high school.

“Having a job has changed made me become more independent and be more mature. It has taught me how to have strong work ethic and have patience,” states senior Bianca Villa. “I would want others to know that the benefits of having a job are knowing how to manage money, developing skills, and communication skills. Having a job in general can get you better jobs in the future.”

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