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Freshman focuses on 9th grade year

Freshman focuses on 9th grade year

May 29, 2018

When a freshman comes to high school all they are told is that freshman year is the easiest and it only gets harder. That may be the case for some students but for a lot, freshman year can be one of the hardest years for students because of the transition to high school.

In high school the teacher and staff do not treat you like a little kid anymore. Since you are almost an adult, they treat you like one. Most students are used to being able to turn in work late or being helped step by step from a teacher or staff member but when they get to high school they get a wake up call.

For freshman in high school they do offer something to help them through a class called Freshman Focus. Freshman Focus is a class that has tutors to help you with your homework, it also offers a hour to study or catch up on work. It is a great opportunity but a lot of the freshman students take it for granted by not asking the tutors questions or they just sit there not doing the work the could be doing to bring up there grade.

That was the case for freshman student Elijah Moore in his first semester. After Elijah saw what grade he earned in first semester he changed his mindset completely and got motivated to become a better version of himself. In second semester Elijah worked hard and asked questions to benefit him in his classes. 

“I wanted to get my grade up for my mom and to play basketball,” stated Elijah on his motivation to get his grades up. 

One of Elijah’s supporters was his Freshman Focus and Science teacher, Rocky Comberiati. It took the one question to make a difference in Elijah’s life: “What can I do to help you, because what I am doing does not seem to be working?” 

That was when Elijah realized how helpful Freshman Focus and Mr. C were to him.  He remembers saying, “Mr. C, we need to make the decision to do better for ourselves, no one can make it for us.”

That is just what Elijah did as he started working harder and he got a tutor at home. Elijah decided to make himself a good student.

With Freshman Focus Elijah said, “The tutors have been the most helpful.”

By second semester Elijah has achieved passing all of his classes and made the basketball team. Elijah is just a typical student but the difference about him is he realized what was happening to his grades and he wanted to change it.

Looking at first and second semester it is like he is a different person, his grades are so much better. Elijah has worked very hard since January when Oak Hills High School students came back from Winter Break and you can tell it sure has payed off. Elijah is determined, hard working, and has positive attitude for tenth grade year. He is off to a great future with a lot of opportunities.

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