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Runway To Success

Runway To Success

OHHS student Victoria Marquez

As I grew up, I was not the “girliest” girl unlike some girls I have seen. I noticed many girls modeling and wearing fancy dresses. Kids and teenagers would compete in pageants and model. Pageants were usually a competition for physical attributes of the contestants, but then soon incorporated personality traits, talent, intelligence, and answers to the judges’ questions as judged criteria.

But modeling and wearing fancy dresses became one Oak Hills High School student’s passion and it is working out for her.

Victoria Marquez wasn’t one of those girls who had the dream of doing pageantry and modeling, but she ended up living that dream anyway. For a year she’s been doing pageantry and modeling.

“At first my mom put me in a modeling academy as a joke,” Victoria explains. “But then I started getting calls back for other events and people started wanting me to walk for their clothing [brand], and so I started doing it and [the experience] would motivate me.”

After getting calls and texts asking her to model for them, Victoria would decide on whether or not she wanted to do so. She ended up competing in pageants and modeling clothing.

Victoria would also travel.

She went for a pageant in Georgia and Tucson, Arizona. She competed three times, and won two, coming in first place and then second in another. When it’s time to model or compete, the models sometimes aren’t able to choose what they want to wear.

Modeling is a way for people not only just to show off clothes and looks, but to feel confident about themselves and have a positive outlook.

Victoria has a positive view on modeling, “There are different types of modeling. In them all, I feel like people model to feel confident about themselves.”


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