Staying Safe on the Road

Tackling the Problem from Behind the Wheel

Maria Gaeta, Opinion Editor

When you’re behind the wheel it is easy to become angry with other drivers on the road around you. Teenagers often look forward to the opportunity to get their license, however many of them overlook how much responsibility it is to be driving on the road. There are those few teens who take driving very seriously and are cautious on the road, but then there are others who do not have much regard for the law and feel as though they are all mighty when they get into their cars.

“I think there are a lot of students who are very safe drivers, but there are those few that can be very unsafe and annoying, like going too fast in the parking lot or honking for no reason,” says Jesilyn Vigil, a junior at Oak Hills High School.

Adults may think they are the ones who get the most annoyed with student drivers, but the truth is that nobody has to deal with student drivers more often than student drivers. Teenagers are known to be impulsive which is a dangerous trait to have when you are driving; this is why teens are not legally allowed to drive anyone under the age of 21 without a licensed driver of 25 years of age in the passenger seat.

“Rules are definitely needed with driving, especially with teenagers. I think even though there aren’t a lot of people that follow this rule, people need to realize that when they drive anyone other than themselves they are taking responsibility for those lives,” states senior, Logan Parker.

Students need to realize the responsibility they are taking on when they are driving. Driving is not one of those things people should take lightly, because we all want to be able to make it to our destination safe.

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