ASB: OHHS’s Backbone

Find out about one of the most important classes at your school

Yuri Cain, Editor In Chief

Oak Hills High School has a lot of different clubs and classes that it offers its students. One of the most known extracurriculars is the Associated Student Body, or ASB for short. The ASB team has been around since the school first opened in 2013. It is currently being run by Genevieve Johnston, a well known name for all students. She has been the Vice President of Activities for the past six years with the president of ASB being Taylor Detinne, a senior.

“ASB starts anytime a school is open and there are student body funds that need to be managed by a governing board,” comments Johnston.

The Associated Student Body is in charge of managing the use of student body funds and works on all of the functions for students at OHHS. The team’s main job is to maintain the school culture with fun activities for the students to participate in. In order to keep up with everything, ASB holds meetings every Wednesday to approve the spending funds of clubs. Sometimes they also consist of the next big event that the school plans to hold. These events can range from pep rallies to school dances with a bank account close to 1 million dollars.

“My favorite part is hanging out with the class and setting up for dances,” states Genavi Vicario, the ASB Twitter account holder.

ASB is not always fun and games though, it takes a lot of dedication. In order to be apart of the class, students must maintain a GPA of 3.0 while still contributing to the events for other students. Time management is one of the hardest parts about being in the class but is in no way a reason to not join. ASB is open to all students who can meet the requirements and promises a fun and rewarding experience.

“We’re like one big family and it’s amazing having that in school,” stated Brooke Eisler, the ASB Club Fair Comissioner.

If you want to be apart of ASB you must take the survey, which is due on April 4, 2018 by 3:30 PM and speak to your counselor. Before signing up students may want to read the ASB overview and information packet which can be found on the OHHS website.

The team takes so much time out of their high school experience to make it better for their peers and OHHS bulldogs are happy to have them.

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