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Brawns vs Brains

Oak Hills High School is going big with sports

More time has been put into athletics for most people.

More time has been put into athletics for most people.

More time has been put into athletics for most people.

Natalie Hernandez, Staff Writer

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Every school year Oak Hills High School gets involved in all types of sports for every student. Home and visitors go to the OHHS games and show their support throughout the whole thing not knowing the outcome of the score. Parents get involved too, coming out to support their children and cheer them on from the bleachers. Experiencing a game for the first time is exciting and quite chaotic, feeling the crowds motivation and energy to cheer on their home team. There is nothing wrong with playing a sport rather it being the recognition over the arts and academics.


Each day there are mentions of sports, possibly asking what the score was or who played against who. The day goes on and in between lectures there are side conversation about how a particular game went, what they could have done better, and how the referee made the wrong call. It can be about school games or sometimes even about a national sport that just played championships. It seems that everyone plays a sport which takes up a lot of personal time. Time that takes up important priorities like going to church, spending time with family, or even school work. Especially since practice takes place after school for more than an hour depending on the sport, which seems like a lot of time spent on sports. 


Students even go the extra mile by playing more than one sport which is pretty intense because that means having a pretty tight schedule. From time to time this decision may interfere with school work but it never hurts to put in the effort. Although credit does go out to those who are able to manage playing more than one sport and still manage to have good grades. However, students in Advance Placement do seem to be less noticed, even though they do spend a lot of time doing hours worth of homework. Maybe it is just the way students put it into perspective to make it seem as if sports are the head of the game over education, which is not bad at all but there should be a balance between education and sports.


Freshmen, Kailee Figaro states, “I think students who do play sports are recognized more than students who take AP classes because that’s what people seem to notice first, [the sport you’re in].”


People seem to feed on the idea that sports are a requirement and not an option which is pretty absurd. Everyone is well aware that we have to fulfill our A-G requirements and people seem to not dwell too much about it, but they do over sports. If we come to notice there are plenty of areas for athletic purposes. Carlton Douglas Ridenhour, known as Chuck D, is an American rapper who also sides with this similar concept and has noted his opinions on social media. 

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About the Writer
Natalie Hernandez, Staff writer

Natalie was born on June 12th, 2003, and her favorite color is green. Her hobbies consist of listening to music, playing the piano, and trying new things. Natalie added, “I would describe myself as a very considerate and appreciating person.” She also said. “Keep pushing through all the pain, no matter how hard the challenge or obstacle becomes. Do not give up because at the end of it all, good will come from it and you will prosper!”

Her favorite quote is “I say luck is when an opportunity comes along and you’re prepared for it.” -Denzel Washington

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Brawns vs Brains