RAPTOR: Protecting students, faculty, and staff

Technology that allows the school to scan the IDs of visitors to make sure they are allowed to be on school grounds

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RAPTOR: Protecting students, faculty, and staff

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There is a new up and coming technology that is going to be used in the front office of Oak Hills High School. This technology allows the front desk to scan the IDs of visitors to make sure they are allowed to be on school grounds. This new ID scanner, called RAPTOR, allows the person working at the front desk see things like whether or not they are labeled a sex offender or if they have a court order that does not allow them to be on school grounds.

According to the administration secretary, Trish Edwards, “This RAPTOR scanner allows us to scan a person’s ID and then the pass is printed out for them.”

This system has been used all over the country to increase school security and give the people in the school a sense of better safety. This system can even check if the person is involved in a custody dispute with a student.

According to the company Raptortech, “The Raptor Visitor Management System is the core of an integrated set of technology solutions designed to protect students, faculty, and staff.”

This system is meant to help improve the security of the school, and make checking people in more efficient. It provides instant screening, accurate records, and custom databases to the schools who use the technology. It can be used with your computer or even in the event of an evacuation a smartphone or a tablet.  

Carlos Sanchez a sophomore at Oak Hills High School says, “I think this will provide better safety, because it provides small background checks on everyone who wants to get on campus.”

This system helps our students feel safe and secure at school, especially after the recent shootings and events.

Jesilynn Vigil a Junior at OHHS says, “This system makes me feel more safe because now we can always know whether or not someone is supposed to be on campus.”

This technology is trusted by more schools all over the country than any other scanning system in existence with the over 20,000 schools all over the country. The new RAPTOR program is being used by Oak Hills High School on a trial basis for Hesperia Unified School District.

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