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Mascot Mystery

Who is behind the mascot?

March 12, 2018

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Mascot Mystery

In high school there is generally a lot of gossip and curiosity going around about many things. Some of these subjects can range from teachers and students to school events and major social media mishaps. But, one of the most interesting and mysterious rumor of all would have to be who is behind the school mascot. Think about it, nobody knows who the mascot is, unless you are on the cheer team or know them personally. For years, students from different schools have wanted to know who this specific person who hides inside a suit during all school events is. Till this day no one has ever really been positive on who they are.

Just like most mascots, Oak Hills High School’s mascot named Spike is a secret and a mystery. Spike is outgoing and friendly, the only questionable thing about our mascot is who this person actually is. Have you ever wondered who is behind this suit?

Sadly, whoever is behind this mask can’t be exposed due to their own privacy and not wanting people to know its them, but they can express what it’s like being the mascot, and what they have experienced throughout the time. The mascot was okay with being interviewed as long as they could be kept anonymous.

The person behind spike explained a few things about the behind the scenes of being the school mascot. Our current Spike said that they decided to tryout because they needed to do another sport, and got accepted in.

The mascot elaborated on how the job of being Spike can actually be quite tiring, “Its hot and exhausting, but it’s fun to do. It is Exciting and unique in a different way”.

Through the ups-and-downs, there is pros and cons about being the mascot. If you are able to put up with the heat to have some fun, then this activity might just be perfect for you. Besides the tiredness of this job, it opens a new door to experiencing a different type of enjoyment.

If you are interested in becoming the next mascot of OHHS, stop by Erin Lovewell’s room, B1, and ask to try out if the spot is free.

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