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Behind the Curtains

Behind the scenes of Footloose

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Drama Club is in the making of a new play, Footloose, that is being held at Oak Hills High School. Behind the scenes is a way to show the days leading up to the final curtains being open. The drama teacher, Paula Hunter, is the director but loves to gives the students the credit, and most definitely puts the students first. The students play an important role and put a lot of dedication and passion into their work. Every single person in drama is important and all have specifics jobs to do before the show goes on. 

“The days leading up to the show is very stressful, because we have to build sets, paint, get props, make costumes. Also a whole week before the play we stay until 9PM on a school night to prepare for the show,” says Adrian Gonzalez, a junior in Drama. 

Stress about whether everything will work can be overwhelming, for example making sure lights and microphones are working perfectly. With technology things will malfunction and not work correctly. This is why running the show before the play is a huge deal, making sure students know where they are at, memorized their lines, and make sure all equipment works. Dress rehearsal is probably the most important thing, because students are able to see how well their costumes fit and what needs to be fixed. At the end of the day students will be stressed but will also be having fun at the same time.

Being involved in Drama takes a lot of work ethics, but also allows students to show their passion in something. High school is about creating bonds, and being involved with drama is a great way to do so. After hours of constantly going over the plays and building props for the play with people you share a bond with can be fun. Drama is excited to share what will be coming out soon. Tickets are being sold now by drama students for $8, come out and see the hard work drama students have been working on behind the curtains.

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