Snare Noise: The High Desert’s Hottest Band

A boy band who is setting the High Desert ablaze

Yuri Cain and Maria Gaeta

Some bands start in a friend’s garage, others are created by TV shows, there are even ones that have started in an empty school classroom. Either way the love of bands will always be in a majority of people’s hearts. If people are looking for a new group to follow they should check out Snare Noise.

Snare Noise members include Jio Sanchez, Gabe De la Torre, Axxel Pasos, and Elijah Bieda. Jio contributes to the group through vocals and guitar while Gabe plays piano/keyboard. Axxel is on bass and Elijah plays guitar and does some vocals. They play alternative/ post-rock and hope to reach out to audiences who enjoy that type of music no matter who they are.

“Jio needed a band to play live with him and we all really enjoyed it,” comments Elijah Bieda on how the band started.

Snare Noise has been getting a ton of recognition and gigs from places like The Chain Reaction in Anaheim where Paramore played when they were still up and coming years ago and The Legacy Room in Chino Hills. They have a few of their own songs, and they also play covers of songs. Their next gig is on March 30th at The Legacy Room in Chino Hills at 7 PM. They will be featured with other bands from the High Desert such as El Segundo and Ophir, and the entry to this event is 10 dollars.  

The band was inspired by all different types of music and when together, make magic happen. They practice once to twice a week in Jio’s garage and find that they all work well together and have a good communication. It also helps that the band members are friends outside of their music and don’t let personal problems interfere with their work.

“You can follow @SnareNoise on Instagram as well as Soundcloud and Bandcamp,” states Elijah.

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