Behind the Honor Scenes

The hidden truth of overachievers.

Maria Gaeta, Opinion Editor

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Often when people hear the word honors they associate it with the word smarter, however this just simply is not the case. Just because someone who is in all honors classes and getting B’s and above is does not mean that they are automatically smarter individuals than those in “regular” classes.

When approached about this subject, many honors students and teachers stuck up their noses and claimed to just be harder workers and smarter, and all asked to remain off record. However the reality behind their supposed advanced intelligence is just better organization and mildly better efficiency. 

On many occasions I have observed and been approached by students who wanted to do their work in a rotation one person would do science and then one person would do math and then they would trade work. This is not being smarter it is just working by the system. Also, when it comes to AP classes, colleges will not even take a second look at them unless you get a 3 or higher on the test and even then they don’t really care about GPA as long as it is a 3.0 or above. Colleges are more focused on what your SAT and ACT test scores are, and this is because they believe teachers are being too lenient in their grading.

So when it comes to honors students, the reality is that most are just better at being lazy rather than actually being smarter.

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