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Advice for Seniors after high school

February 23, 2018

Seniors are getting ready to leave high school and finally go off into the adult world. It is important that seniors are aware of the life of an adult, which many are but some tips could still guide them. New adventures, new places, and new people can be overwhelming. Life is challenging but definitely not impossible and with help, it can be much easier in the long run.

Jeni Boulanger, a Expository English teacher states, ¨Definitely continue your education don’t take a year off. It’s so much easier to go now than later whether it’s college, military, or a training program to obtain certification, get to it.  The money you can make now in a job is alluring, but don’t let it prevent you from getting that certification or degree. You’ll have the rest of your life to enjoy it.”   

Whatever students decide to do in their lives it’s always important to plan ahead, and also have backup plans if something doesn’t work out. Teachers on campus can’t make decisions for students, but their guidance is definitely helpful for those who are confused. High school is coming to an end, enjoy it while it lasts, go out with friends, and enjoy senior year, because after high school reality kicks in.  

“I think my advice would be whatever path a student chooses to pursue, have an impact on the lives of others. It doesn’t cost anything and it doesn’t have to take up much time,but every once in awhile put the needs of others ahead of yours and think of the greater good,” States Robert Williams, Senior Avid teacher.

Overall chose a path that is best for you, enjoy life, and grow. Being an adult can’t be as bad as people make it seem, and do what best fits you. Learn from others and grasp as much as you can to be a better version of yourself. We aren’t perfect and we will never be, but realizing that is the key to growing.

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