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Prom Dress Code

Is it necessary?

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Almost every high school student imagines going to dances and school activities, especially your senior Prom. This day can be fun for so many students, but if you don’t follow the dress code it can turn your night upside down. According to the Oak Hills High School student handbook, the ‘formal’ attire consists of evening or dress shoes, tuxedo, and suit with tie, tennis shoes are prohibited, as well as any color of jeans.

The handbook also states, “Attire that is overly revealing, low cut, sheer or sexually explicit is not allowed. No sports caps, bandanas, or durags. Modesty and good taste are key- get administrator approval if in doubt.”

Typically dress code is a daily issue at school, so people voice their opinions loudly on social media platforms. Teens tend to make dress code a topic of discussion whenever they are faced with events that pertain strict clothing choices. This is especially prevalent during school dances where the code can be strict and students have the power to choose if they want to comply. Failure to comply results in being asked to leave your own Prom due to the clothes you wear, ruining a major moment in your High School years.

Senior Jazlen Larios states, “I think that people should be able to express themselves with their gowns and suits the way they want to because it is their last dance of high school, it’s their last huge moment before being an adult.”

Seniors this year only have eighteen days between Prom and their last day of school, and only a week after that our top dogs have their graduation ceremony. This time goes by so quickly that the more memorable events seem to stick the easiest in our memories. Making this day as special as possible starts with the outfit you decide to wear.

Dress codes are put in place so that way students have a safe, non-hazardous school day that is free of distraction. Typically students want to follow the dress code for something as important as a Prom, making sure that they will not be immediately removed from the dance. 

Student must sign the handbook, meaning that they understand the dress code and will follow it as long as they are in school. Some people are not a fan of the strictly enforced code, and others simply follow it for fear of consequences. However, students seem to be very defiant in their mind about dress code and the ridiculous rules we must follow in order to make the school day safe.

The dress code for our 2018 Prom may seem strict, but everyone has their own take on the matter. Let us know how you feel by leaving a comment or emailing [email protected] and putting “barks & bites” in the subject line.

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Prom Dress Code