Lady Bulldogs Basketball Set for a Rebound

A high scoring offense and stout defense sets their sights on a big rebound

Allyson Patten, Editor

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It has been an outstanding 2018 season for Oak Hills High School girls basketball as they hold the mantle of another positive season in a remarkable 18-4 record. From the start of the season on November 27th, 2017, the lady bulldogs have commanded the league being 8-0 against all opponents. The Varsity team is coached by none other than Kelly Hennessy which had this to say about her team, “The girls varsity basketball team is great due to the heart they play the game with.”

The environment Coach Hennessy has formed is a contagious attitude of hard work and success which has shown through a universally dominant season. Overall the whole team is very talented and performs very well on the court. The team lives in their basketball shoes, taking all the shots in life as they can. They are loaded with talent and works as a very tight unit and they take their big leads early with an authoritative offense and hold them with a controlling defense.

It is hard to argue that there is a team from Oak Hills High School that has a closer relationship than these lady bulldogs have on and off the court. With a truly devastating CIF lost to Cajon High School, we expect for them to hold together strong.

Varsity senior Gabby Martinez believes very highly in this team, “I started playing basketball pretty late compared to others, I’ve only been playing since 6th grade. With that, I didn’t make varsity until my sophomore year only to face an ACL issue that year. Knowing what it takes to come back from adversity, I have to instill that in this team in order to expect a big rebound from this team,” she says not yet defeated. “We laugh, we joke but we know when to be serious, things just didn’t end the way they should have.”

Overall, OHHS girls basketball had a fantastic season that ended earlier than fans could have predicted and hoped for but they are on to next season.

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