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U.S. How Did We Get Here?

With the recent State of the Union address made by the 45th President of the United States, it's fair to ask, how did we get here?

February 9, 2018

On January 30th, the President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, gave his first State of the Union address to over 46.1 million people. The address followed a simple outline for future plans within the Trump Administration. Throughout the speech, Trump boasted the low unemployment rate of both African Americans and Hispanics, which is the lowest it has been in history. Trump also brought attention to the rise in the economy while also bringing up a call for unity within the government and its people. Many things that are happening in the United States now was never expected to happen, at least, not under the Trump Administration. The brings about the question, what got the country to this point?

After the tragic 9/11 terrorist attack, America saw the true pain on the actual home front. No terrorist attack had caused as much damage as 9/11, with some of the effects still going on until this day. A huge shift in American idea’s and behaviors was noticed at this point, a want for revenge against those who threatened America surged and led to future Iraq and Afghan war. What is now recognized as one of the worst decisions in American history, we are still left with the aftermath of both wars. With the United States devastated by both of the wars, many were looking for a source of change.

In the search for change, President Barack Obama was elected to be the 44th president of the United States of America. President Obama promised the people that the United States would move forward together. However this moment became the largest political split since the early fifties.

The election of Barack Obama brought about the rise of the social justice warrior movement (SJW) which promotes feminism, multiculturalism, and political correctness. This was the next shift in American identity, where instead of focusing on the pride and hard work each citizen puts in, we focused on the entitlement and victimhood each citizen adds up too. Based on someone’s ethnicity or racial background, they could achieve more in life than that of someone who is deemed the “majority” or “privileged.” People should be judged and based on the appropriate work requirements for the job they are applying to, not based upon a social stature or construct because it suits the identity of that group.

With the rise of social justice throughout America, and being homegrown through the Obama administration, another idea saw it’s rise in American politics. After eight years of the SJW movement, many Americans, especially the right, were tired of the strict political correctness being spread by the group. With the coming 2016 elections coming, one Republican candidate stood above the rest. Donald J. Trump introduced a more traditional form of government for the United States, one that mirrored ideas from an older America. With his strong use of language and seemingly no filter during speeches, Trump became a joke within media but became an icon for millions of Americans.

After taking the Republican candidacy, Trump had a staggering win over the heavily presumed winner, Hillary Clinton. With all odds stacked against Trump, his victory almost seemed impossible. The media quickly took to criticizing the people that voted for Trump and called for a revote of a democratically elected president. The revote turned even more in favor of Trump.

Now after a year of the Trump presidency, everything appears to be going up. After many left-leaning groups had predicted that the United States would collapse under this new presidency, all are left quiet as things are finally getting done. The U.S. economy is at a high point with wages getting higher and tax cuts all across the board. Nearly millions of jobs have been created and more people are in the workforce than in the history of America. After eight years of a leader who could only promise change and do nothing in the process, Donald J. Trump is a refreshing outlook in a time when everything seems dark.

America is seeing one of it’s greatest rises in the last few centuries. After countless of failures from previous presidents in the last few centuries, success is taken in opened arms. How did we get here? Through the actions of people and the diligence of those who want to see America rise to its former glory. 

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