Riding the Heat Wave Through February

Take Advantage of the Heat!

Big Horn Mine, Wrightwood.

Isabella Highfill

Big Horn Mine, Wrightwood.

Isabella Highfill, Writer/Reporter

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It’s been 70 degrees and sunny out for the first few days of February, which is a surprise during February since it’s presented to be the last month of winter till spring, but it looks like it came early! Instead of sitting during the heat, it’s time to take advantage and make some plans!

The weather is nice enough to go for a hike, or even visit the beach since the weather seems to be getting more warmer. It’s time to bring out a few of the cute summer outfits you’ve been planning. It’s a nice time to relax and be able to soak up the sun in case the weather takes a turn for the worse and we are back to chilly February days.

Kimberly Matus, a junior said. “I plan on drinking a lot of water, it is getting pretty hot out. But I mean I plan on going outside and just relaxing, It’s been really nice out and I plan on just enjoying it”

Since the weather seems to be soothing, not too cold and not too hot, a nice hike would suffice instead. There are many hiking trails that are local such as ones in wrightwood, The Big Horn Mines or the Big Pines Nature Trail.

Setting up a slipping side or doing a waterballoon fight helps you let loose and get outside and be active. Simply going outside and enjoying the sun, or hanging out with friends outside or going for a walk helps you soak up some vitamin D and helps you take advantage of such relaxing weather.

Candice Kiehl, a junior said. “I would like to hang out with my friends, and it’s really good weather to ride my horse so I plan on doing that” 

Of course, going to the beach is such a stress relief and a great way to appreciate the sun and the forecast. It’s fun to play in the water, or hangout with friends. The forecast down by the coast is close to the 80 degrees and may be just the time to go in case it starts to get chilly!

Kailia Tong, a freshman said. “I really miss the beach and would like to go soon. I would like to go with my friends or my family and just hang out in the sun and have a fun time.”

The heat wave of February may not last long. It’s best to get out and enjoy the nice weather. Spring is just around the corner, and hopefully we are getting just a little hint of the beautiful season we will be accompanied with this year.