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Winter Formal stage set up

Winter Formal stage set up

Natalie Hernandez

Natalie Hernandez

Winter Formal stage set up

A Night in Manhattan Recap

A Night to Remember

February 6, 2018

February 3rd, 2018, Oak Hills High School had their Winter Formal in which many attended and had a good time. The dance started at 6PM and ended at 10PM exactly. The decorations were very spontaneous and the theme “Manhattan” caught students attention. With all the dancing that came from that night, gladly there were tables and seats to cool down. Everyone was appropriately dressed and people took many pictures and videos to keep them as sacred memories. The young ladies wore beautiful dresses and had pampered themselves quite nicely. The guys wore tuxedos while others just worse dress pants and a dress shirt. The dance floor was packed and there were certain places in which one could not even move. Luckily once you stepped out of the dance floor, the atmosphere was much fresher.

Sophomore, Antwaun Langston states, “They gave free drinks and I liked the colors, it was beautiful.”


A dance is not a dance without some good music and that is exactly what the Winter Formal provided. The DJ provided several types of music genres and satisfied the crowd. There was hip-hop, slow songs, and Latino music. The crowd would sing along like there was no tomorrow and danced until they could not dance anymore. Although when the slow dances came on people stepped off the floor since they did not have anyone special to dance with. Other than that people were always dancing even though their feet hurt and it was hot. To those who did not attend this dance, they missed one special night. Although do not dwell, because OHHS will provide many dances for you to attend in the future. Every dance having its unique theme and different experiences! So make sure you do not miss out on all the dances or fun throughout your High School experience because time will not rewind.

Winter Formal Winners:

Freshman: Ethan Sadano and Lara Romo

Sophomore: Danny Williams and Haley Veal

Junior: Garrion Bryant and Yuri Cain

Senior: Gaby Limon and Christian Acuna


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