Jazz Funk Dance Team

Oak Hills High School's newest club

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Jazz Funk Dance Team

The team practicing outside

The team practicing outside

Yuri Cain

The team practicing outside

Yuri Cain

Yuri Cain

The team practicing outside

Yuri Cain, Managing Editor

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Oak Hills High School welcomes its newest dance team and club to the long list of extracurricular activities that the school provides its students. The Jazz Funk team has recently been started up on December 8th, 2018 by Junior President and Captain, Abigail Manzo and Junior Vice President, Ashley Gomez. The club has a total of fourteen girls who are active members and are always looking for new recruits. The team practices in Room B-27, a Heritage Spanish class which is taught by Denise Lorenzo.

“Our team is different and not like any [other] at Oak and because we are such a small team, we are able to really create a tight bond and work well together,” says Ashley Gomez about the club.

The Jazz Funk Club has already had their tryouts right before students went on Winter Break but they will be open again at the end of the semester. All grade levels are welcome to join in for their shot to be on the team. It is a great way to experience the spotlight and for dancers who want to try new things.

Yuri Cain
Sophomore Alexis Hernandez

Even though they are a new team, the club will be participating in the upcoming February pep rally and will hopefully be a known school wide team soon enough. During the pep rally they will be performing three dances to pop songs. They will also be in the last pep rally of the school year and will perform every other Friday at lunch so keep your eyes open for the team. Most of the girls in the club are use to the spotlight due to them once being dancers or cheerleaders so the standards are set high.

To support the team, students can buy goods from the Giving Bean. You can simply dm the team on their Instagram, @oakhillsjazzfunk, and ask them for more information. The fundraiser savings will be going towards warm-ups for the girls on the team and to pay for competition fees.

Make sure to show support the next time you see the Jazz Funk team and show them all of your school spirit. If you are interested in actually being on the team be sure to look for tryout signs or ask the team president.

Dance Team Members:

Abigail Manzo- President

Ashley Gomez- Vice President

Amy Fernandez- Social Media Commissioner

Shannon Jones- Social Media Commissioner

Kennedy McIntosh- Treasurer

Tiffany Carbajal- Secretary

Eileen Aguayo- Member

Hailie Holt- Member

Amanda Seagondollar- Member

Alicia Lavoie- Member

Perla Banuelos- Member

Alexis Hernanedez- Member

Emily Sarinana Preciado- Member

Kristen Oliver- Member


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