Mario At Robotics

Robotics club is setting up a new Gaming Tournament in the coming weeks.


The Online Student Newspaper of Oak Hills High School.

Nathan Morris, News Staff Writer

Robotics Club is starting a Mario Kart tournament in the upcoming weeks for all those who are willing to participate. The admittance is five dollars to enter the tournament and one dollar to spectate the game. The tournament is supposedly going to become a new venture within the structure of Robotics Club. Winners will receive a 3D printed trophy at the end of the season and will be allowed free admittance in the next tournament.  The tournament is expected to start soon and once the tournament begins, all new participants will have to wait until the end of the tournament season. The tournament is planned to take place at B-13 during lunch.

Manny Romeul, a sophomore at Oak Hills High School, plans on participating in the tournament when it starts states, “Sounds and looks like a good time, I plan on taking the trophy.”

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