LGBTQ Alliance at OHHS


The Online Student Newspaper of Oak Hills High School.

Haley Tudor, Editor

Gay Straight Alliance, or GSA, meets in Stephanie Barden’s room B-22 every Wednesday during lunch. The Junior club president, Amber Deavers, is the one who runs the club. This club is for anyone who is part of or supports the LGBT community. This club is accepting of students sexuality/gender, no matter what they are. If anyone is ever curious about who you are and questioning, GSA is a good place to go and talk about your feelings. GSA also watches videos on LGBT events, short films, and speeches. GSA is meant for everyone, straight, gay, bisexual, you name it.

A club member, Junior Bella Rodriguez, says, “I am part of GSA and feel supported by everyone here, and don’t ever feel judged or threatened when I show up to the club”.

If you are wanting to join the club, come by anytime. GSA always welcomes new people with open arms.

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